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When creating a page listed here, creating some cross-references by linking from and to related pages may be a good idea, otherwise the new article will be an orphan very early in its life.

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Missing articles

Culture & History

  • Samsung cup shinjinseo misclick
  • Cho Chikun tesuji



See Latest promotions for new players who may not have a SL entry yet.


Theory, Analysis

  • Japanese connection terminology?
  • Black Hole Fuseki


  • Taxonomy on common techniques in tsumego. We have a hodge podge of techniques already on SL, such as: snapback, nakade, connect-and-die, throw-in, eye shapes, descent tesuji, miai, there is death in the hane. A lot of techniques are presented ad hoc in problems and exercises. However, not all of them seem to be easily accessible from some central location, so some of them may be hard to find unless the reader knows the name of the technique. How do we group and categorize these techniques?
  • Techniques of making and destroying eyes. Unlike other types of techniques, many of these eye-related techniques never appear in pages devoted to describing them, but only introduced in solutions to life-and-death problems. I think a reason is because many of these techniques do not have names. Like the previous item, a high level overview of these techniques would be useful.
  • Pull out?
  • Tapir: I believe a series on capturing race techniques with examples would be useful. (Counting liberties, increasing liberties, unobvious moves in capturing races)
  • How To Win With A 6 Stone Handicap?


  • Progress path?
  • Analogies path?
  • Promoting path?
  • Introducing path? (taken from Axd's wishlist)


Feature requests

See also: Bug report

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