3-4 point low approach one-space high pincer knight's move

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3-4 point low approach, one-space high pincer, knight's move, kosumi 3-4 point low approach, one-space high pincer, knight's move, keima
The knight's move  

White is safe enough from being cut.

Bad idea for Black  

Black will not want to play this way, blighting the corner stone.

Black's replies  

Black's usual replies are a (most popular), b and c.

Black's reply at a  

If B1 here, White normally plays W2 in the corner. Now there are two variations.

Variation 1  

Playing B1 in the corner allows White good shape - the counter-atari with B3 at W4 isn't playable here.

Variation 2  

Instead, B1 and B3 to cut in the centre lead to a large-scale fight (Black 11 at a) with White requiring a way to make shape in the centre. This variation is termed the Meijin Title Joseki in Ishida's Joseki Dictionary volume one, page 92, due to its frequent use in the games between Sakata Eio and Fujisawa Shuko in the Meijin tournament.

Black's reply at b  

In this case White needs to connect, and usually turns to attack the pincer stone. Next Black can jump, the standard way to stay light, but also simply extend.

Black jumps  

If Black jumps White has the thicker position after W2 and W4.

Black extends  

Black's intention in extending is to provoke a pushing battle in the centre. You can say that B1 is a typical heavy play, but here W2 is natural and B3 goes for power on the upper side first. Black's corner stones are resilient enough.

Black extends, Korean version  

Recent (2004) Korean games show an additional push at W2. If the marked stone is in place, almost invariably the sequence to h follows, after which White is seen to virulently attack at i. --Dieter but what happens if B3 cuts?


Here I have to do some reading --Dieter


Hmmm, I think White can even cut back!

Lee ChangHo(W) vs. Mok JinSeok(B)  

Jared: From Lee ChangHo(W) vs. Mok JinSeok(B). First game of 8th LG Cup Finals. W9 begins the typical fierce attack.

Black's reply at c  

If Black extends to B1 here, the old move in this position, White again puts pressure on the pincer stone.

Charles Matthews

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