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New Faces (新人王 Xīnrén Wáng) tournament in China (literally 'King of the New People'). The final is a best-of-three match. In 2007 the age limit was changed from 30 to 20.

From 2007 to 2011, female players separately competed in another tournament Female Xinrenwang.

Time control: two hours of main time, followed by five periods of 60-second byo-yomi.

There was apparently (judging by the [ext] Go to Everyone! section) a hiatus between the 22nd edition (2015) and the 23rd (2019). Whereas beforehand the tournament had been hosted by the Shanhai Qiyuan, the revived event is hosted by Shanghai Jushen Sports Development.

Year Winner Result Runner-up
1994 Liang Weitang 2-0 Wang Lei Sr.
1995 Shao Weigang 2-0 Wang Lei Sr.
1996 Chang Hao 2-1 Wang Yuhui
1997 Liu Jun 2-0 Wang Hui
1998 Zou Junjie 2-0 Luo Xihe
1999 Hu Yaoyu 2-0 Qiu Jun
2000 Liu Shizhen 2-0 Ding Wei
2001 Gu Li 2-0 Huang Yizhong
2002 Peng Quan 2-1 Qiu Jun
2003 Kong Jie 2-0 Hu Yaoyu
2004 Qiu Jun 2-1 Wang Xi
2005 Gu Li 2-0 Yin Hang
2006 Li Zhe 2-1 Wang Yao
2007 Zhou Ruiyang 2-1 Wang Lei Jr.
2008 Zhou Ruiyang 2-0 Tuo Jiaxi
2009 Shi Yue 2-0 Zhu Yuanhao
2010 Fan Tingyu 2-0 Yan Huan
2011 Fan Tingyu 2-0 Mao Ruilong
2012 Fan Tingyu 2-0 Huang Yunsong
2013 Tao Xinran 2-1 Fan Yunruo
2014 Yu Zhiying 2-1 Li Qincheng
2015 Liao Yuanhe 2-1 Huang Jingyuan
2019 Zhou Hongyu 2-0 Chen Haoxin [1]
2020 Tu Xiaoyu 2-1 Wang Xinghao
2021 Tu Xiaoyu 2-1 Wang Xinghao [2]

[1] The GTE page gave Chen Haojin. Since there's no player of that name on record, a cautious correction has been made to Chen Haoxin (陈豪鑫).

[2] Also the finalists of the 2021 GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20. That was a single game, won by Wang.

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