Wang Lei Jr.

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There is another player with the same name, Wang Lei Sr. (王磊), an 8 dan pro born in 1977.

王雷(wang2 lei2), Chinese 6-dan pro. b. 1986. 4p in 2004. You may also find this player referred to as "Wang Lei (s)" (for 'small') instead of Jr.

In 2006 won the China Weiqi League, as member of the Team Chongqing (first to reach 300 games in this tournament in 2012-11-09).

Member of the Team Hangzhou, winner of the 2009 China Weiqi League.

[ext] Summary in Chinese


John F. I have no idea what (s) is really meant to refer to (Japanese shou?) but I think most English speakers would be inclined to guess at "senior" in the context of names. This Wang Lei, however, is junior.

May I suggest following GoGoD practice? We refer to Wang Lei Sr. and Wang Lei Jr. In the case of male and female with the same name, we add (m) and (f). In the case of pro and amateur we add (am) to the amateur only.

valerio: All the sgf files (also GoGame? World and Go4Go sites) name this player "Wang Lei (s)" and "Wang Lei (b)" his senior 8 dan. John's opinion is correct, but ... why change?

Bob McGuigan: One problem with this is that it will have to mbe explained very frequently because it is completely different from normal English usage. I thought that (s) meant small and (b) meant big :)

John F. Why change? Well, a reference work is supposed to be correct. I now understand where (s) and (b) come from (xiao and dai) but I can't see many non-Chinese speakers guessing that. If Go4Go has got it idiomatically wrong, you should be asking Mace Lee to change, not making SL compromise downwards, surely? English is flexible enough to change - after all we no longer say Major and Minor - but this seems too far out from the mainstream to happen in a natural way. All that's needed is a cross reference to the unidiomatic usage.

Herman: I have renamed both pages, and added notes about the (s) and (b) references that people may encounter.

tapir: As a non-native speaker I always assume people are father and son when referred to as Senior and Junior.

Bob McGuigan: I think that's the standard usage in the USA. In this case there is confusion only for non-Chinese readers since the characters are different in the two cases.

macelee: I give this a second thought. The use of Jr. or Sr. is clearly for names in the same family. Apart from that the standard use is different in British and American English. Note that I am a non-native speaker but my points are based on some reliable references, such as this wikipedia page (see "Generational titles" section): [ext] For these reasons, I won't change the existing use of names in Go4Go database, in order not to confuse Go fans who already own copies of Go4Go database. However, I will make sure to use 'proper' English in future cases.

DrStraw: I just came across this page. I was confused until I read it all. How could the father (Sr.) be born in 1977 and the son (Jr.) be born in 1986? That is how I read Sr. and Jr. (b) and (s) are even more confusing as I have no point of reference for those terms. What will happen is there is another pro turns up with the same name? I would think that Wang Lei (1) and Wang Lei (2) would be clearer.

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