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We will post news or information concerning Sensei's Library here. -- Arno & Morten


  • Additional information about page requests is logged (user agent, referrer information.) See SL Privacy Policy and the forum thread
  • Preference cookies are now encrypted. You may have to login again or set your preferences again.


  • I am happy to announce a full featured position search for SL. Read the description and play around and give some feedback, if you like: BugReport or forum:FindPositionPage
  • New characters for diagrams: A, V, *, ? (these can be used for position searches)
  • Starting from now, SGF files are also created for rectangular boards (i.e. width not equal to height) - please note that some SGF programs are unable to deal with this.



  • Librarians can now edit many pages at once ("mass edit")
  • Internal refactoring going on: please report any problems you encounter.


  • New feature: templates
    • The documentation is not as good as I would like it to be. Improvements welcome.
  • Syntax changes
    • Headings now start with '== ', '=== ' and '==== ' (and one space)
    • Sidebars now start with '=>' and '=<'
  • New inline images: triangles (black+triangle,white+triangle,triangle), x-marks (black+cross,white+cross,cross), stones up to 100 (W23,B57,W78,B99,W100) - thanks to Herman for help with the images
  • Line diff view now highlights changes within the changed lines for easier reading.
  • Small bug fixes and changes to camelcase WikiWord recognition.
  • There were some extensive changes in the backend, so please report any strange behavior to BugReport.
  • I have converted the syntax in all pages and postings. Note that no new version was created so it looks like the previous author did all the changes.


  • The server has been upgraded from PHP4 to PHP5. If you notice anything strange, please notify me.
  • If you have not tried it out yet, give the 19x19 fullboard search a test. Corner search is coming soon.


  • New snapshot available
  • New features for diagrams:
    • inlining thumbnail diagrams from other pages, see e.g. Random Tsume Go or Reading Problems
    • diagrams can start at arbitrary move numbers now (see below)
    • new markup: triangles and cross marks
    • new markup: arrows and lines for visualizing influence and moyo boundaries, territory, or ladders
OTF: Move numbering starts at 67  


  • New full text search based on [ext] Xapian engine. Please give it a try.
  • Also new: "Related pages" yields better results now.
  • Subpages are now always included in title and full text searches. The corresponding option from UserPreferences has been removed.
  • Most page related functions now use the usual browse template instead of the special message template.
  • In case you missed it: HTML entities are possible now, #diag links, and #toc links are also enabled. See section 6 and section 9 of TextFormattingRules.


  • New functions for users with accounts: "My edits" and "My postings". See "Personal" menu.
  • When reediting a page, the minor edit checkbox can now change a major edit to a minor edit (unlike previous behavior)


  • Our DNS provider is experiencing a severe DDOS attack. That means that and its sub-domains may not resolve. You can use as a secondary address.
  • To accomodate those who already experience the problem I have changed the base URL to hexdust as well. So don't be surprised if you get redirected at some point.
  • Please do not link to the address.
  • If you need to contact me you can also try [email]


  • New: forums. Quite rough around the edges, but should be useable. Feedback welcome, more functions as time permits.
  • /Discussion pages are normal sub-pages now.
  • New: no longer can anonymous users set their name for edits. Names are only allowed with accounts.
  • Improved layout of UserPreferences
  • other fixes and improvements



  • Moving done. If you notice strange behaviour please give me feedback.


  • We are moving to a new (larger) server this weekend. If all goes as expected the move should be finished by Monday. You can expect some outages during the weekend. Edits may be disabled for up to 2 days (though I hope to keep it much shorter.) I will keep you informed. URLs etc. stay the same.


  • Pages listed on WikiOrphans will now be displayed with a warning about their pending deletion.



  • Added "Related changes" feature. (For those using customized RC profiles: this uses your first RC profile.)
  • Deleted about 180 inactive accounts.


  • Redone layout. Should fix jerky scrolling, overlapping of content, etc. Feedback on GuineaPigsFeedback please. Clear your cache and/or force a "hard" reload (shift+reload, shift+ctrl+reload)


New feature: sidebars
Any line starting with "|>" (right) or "|<" (left) is put into a side bar.

  • you can do normal text formatting inside sidebars
  • New layout. No tables anymore. Pure CSS. Tested with Mozilla, IE5+, Opera7+, Konqueror.
    • Top bar features edit link, search box, and menus for searches and personal tools
    • Go to UserPreferences in order to change the font size.
  • Community ads are active now. Go to UserPreferences to turn them off.
  • New feature: edit sections (just like on WikiPedia). A section is anything in between two headings.
  • RSS diff links should work in most causes now. If you had troubles in the past, try again.
  • A horizontal ruler ("----" now always forces text below a diagram
  • other small improvements
  • Linear boards look nicer now:


OTF: linear board  


  • The community advertisements on SL service starts. If you think your webpage/service/program qualifies just follow the directions on that page. The ads will appear as soon as we receive a sufficient amount of submissions.


  • IngTiming appears to be the 10000th page on SL! Congratulations to all. (This includes discussion pages as separate pages)



  • Enabled sub-pages, syntax: "basename / subpage". Links with [/subpage] possible too. See e.g. Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 1
  • Added Discuss page link plus new shortcuts
  • renamed over 800 pages to make them subpages. See [ext] this list if you are interested. (Mostly renamed solution, attempt, failure, discussion, and problem pages. Some KGS pages renamed too) Cross-checking the discussion renames would be nice.
new %%TOC%% directive, see e.g. AdvancedStudySection


  • New keywords: "online go", "ongoing game"
  • Pagetype "ongoing game" deleted
  • I have updated WikiOrphans which now lists also homepages which are about to be deleted
  • If you don't want to have your homepage deleted then check WikiOrphans and remove your homepage from the list (if it is listed)
  • All orphaned alias pages not marked with "keep" in WikiOrphans will be deleted by June 1st as well


  • Added quick search while editing a page. I hope you find it useful.


  • If you have not seen it already: you can cast your vote on the fate of discussion pages.
  • Also: Dieter calls to arms for the BQM Task Force?. Join and help.



  • new: password reset mechanism is in place now. This works only if you have set your email address in preferences.
  • new: "index page" keyword. I reckon that this could be a very useful keyword for the ever growing index pages for different topics on SL.
  • fix: title search should work better now (previously, e.g. searching for "3-3" yielded zero results as the '-' is not part of the pagename)


  • I did some HTML fixing for lists (in nested lists <li> tags got omitted). The price to pay for HTML compliance is that if you start with a double-list (e.g. '**') you will see one (empty) level 1 list entry before your level 2 list entry.
  • For the sake of old browsers, the '>' indention is now done using <blockquote> instead of <div>. If you have a modern browser it should look the same. Old browser should see the indentation for the first time.
  • There is a new syntax for interlanguage links. There is now a french go wiki called EncyGoPedie at [ext] using the SL codebase. Use [fr:pagename] links to indicate equivalent pages there. The link will not show up on the page, but on the yellow left hand side. See this page for example. I suggest putting such links at the bottom of the page source.
  • Also, you can link to pages of EncyGoPedie using the shortcut egp as in [egp:points de depart] which produces [ext] points de depart.


  • I have been working pretty hard over the recent days.
  • Major change: for users with an account RecentChanges is customizable to a great extent now. See UserPreferences. That should take care of almost every wish regarding RecentChanges.
  • Changes to edit page:
    • it now sports a timer for you to see when the 10 minutes of the "red warning for other users" are up.
    • I have reformatted the page slightly: the summary is now above, pagetitle is below the main text area; it is more likely that you write a new summary than adjusting the pagetitle.
    • You will see your previous summary when re-editing a page. Note that the pageinfos are no longer concatenated, but the one in the summary field is the one that gets stored.
  • New diff mode: diff-in-page
  • Summaries are now also shown when viewing the history of a page.
  • Watched pages can be categorized now (up to 3 categories) (only for users with an account).
  • Changes to diagrams
    • Letters in the graphics (a...z) are now bold so that they are more readable.
    • The SGF files now contain a PL[] property of the player to play.
    • Note that the above is only true for newly created (or changed) diagrams. I think that some day I will have to redo all diagrams.
  • Changes to Text Formatting Rules
    • ">" can now indent everything else (even diagrams)
    • added "comments" to wiki source. Any line starting with a single '%' is not shown when viewing a page (unless set in UserPreferences).
    • You can now refer to "point marked with square/circle" within the normal text with ES and EC: square, circle (short for empty+square, empty+circle)
  • Better navigation on diff, related, history pages. Also new shortcuts, see SL shortcut keys
    • Added diff link to bottom of page. You can also add a "latest diff" to your bookmarks like this: Page diff|!phpwiki:?diff=_referrer_
  • Random page is now more random: it is no longer based on creation time. Also, you can have specific random pages like random joseki page or random beginner page. I don't have a good idea yet, how to make this feature better accessible.
  • I am now writing up some documentation. If you discover errors then drop me a note on GuineaPigsFeedback.

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