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[ext] provides a collection of [ext] free wiki-based encyclopedias in many different languages. References to articles under [ext] in fact redirect to the English encyclopedia at [ext]

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Wikipedia and Go

Traffic between both Wikipedia and Senseiís Library

If you want to copy material from the Wikipedia to SL or vice versa, please read [ext] their copyright page and our SL Copyright first.

The Wikipedia publishes under the [ext] GNU Free Distribution License, whereas SL publishes under the Open Content License. Although this difference could cause copyright issues, both licenses have the same goal: to enable and encourage copying and reuse. Hence, there should not be major issues when one complies with either of the licenses.

See the /Copy Discussion, giving rise to the above section.


WikiMedia Foundation is the organisation that runs Wikipedia.

WikiMedia Commons is the central collection of media used in multiple Wikipedias.

Other Wikimedia projects


[ext] Wiktionary is a dictionary; this is the English site. For other languages, see:


Wikibooks has Go textbooks in many languages. See Go Wiki Wiki.


[ext] Wikisource contains some Go related public domain materials, such as Arthur Smith(English) and Qijing Shisanpian(Chinese).

Other Go wikis

Of course, Sensei's Library is another Wiki on Go, but SL is not Wikipedia in many respects.

For a collection of Wiki websites, see Go Wiki Wiki

Also see the list of mindsport wiki for wikis on other mind sports.

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