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Some threads or topics take up much space on RecentChanges. Sometimes these threads are only of interest to a minority. I do think that these threads (if related to Go) have a right to be on SL. In order to "keep RecentChanges tidy" (means different things to different people) following solutions are proposed.

Note: for junkies there will be an option to join all changes into one single RecentChanges page.

1: Pages with title ending in Discussion

Move all pages with title ending in "Discussion" onto their own RecentChanges page.

2: Discussion page type

Create a new page type "discussion" and move those pages onto their own RecentChanges page.

3: Wikipedia style

Enable discussion/talk pages WikiPedia style. Basically this means that every page gets a "Discuss page" link in the left yellow area (somewhere near the edit link). The discussion pages are a separate area ("area" in the meaning of option 6 below) and might have a different naming convention (i.e. names that cannot be regular wikinames, e.g. "Frontpage:Discussion"). Again there will be a separate discussion/talk RecentChanges page. Search etc. may be affected as well. This may result in a more encyclopedia style SL.

4: Minoredit=true

By default enable the minoredit button on discussion pages. The idea is that newbies or other people have to actively make it a major edit for it to appear on RC (could cause confusion for newbies).

5: Keep everything as is

Don't change anything. People can use the "watched pages" feature to exclude pages from RC they don't like.

6: Split SL into different areas

Split SL into different areas (e.g. reference, problems, homepages, ...). Add new areas as necessary (e.g. OnlineGo). There is a separate RecentChanges for each area. There will be an option to have an all-area RecentChanges as well. Separation of areas will be carried on to searching etc as well.


Add a single '+' for those options you would like see (you are allowed to vote for more than one option, but not more than once. Don't fool around, the page history shows if you are trying to rig the vote)

Votes option #1: ++++++
Votes option #2: ++++++++++
Votes option #3: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Votes option #4: ++++++++ --
Votes option #5: +++++++++
Votes option #6: +++++++  -

Vote closed

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