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We will post news or information concerning Sensei's Library here. --Arno & Morten


  • I fixed some title-related bugs. Everyone can now adjust the pagetitle when creating a page. Only librarians are allowed to adjust the pagetitle once the page is created.


  • WikiNames may now contain apostrophes (') as well. The title of a page is now derived from its first creation link, so choose it carefully :o)


  • Minor change to layout: different background pic, default font is now generic "sans-serif", and path navigation is now shown at top & bottom of the page instead of inside the left navigation bar. Comments? -> GuineaPigsFeedback
  • In the spirit of OpenContent I have made a first SL Snapshot with all pages as HTML, including diagrams and SGF files. Just in case you are worried about us "owning" this content :o)


  • I finally added pagename aliases. Example: CaptureGame. All you need to do is write the pagename in the first line of the alias page and set the pagetype to 'Alias'. That's it. The referred page will contain "edit alias" links. (Drawback: multiple indirections such as "alias of alias of ..." are not shown).


  • New markup for footnodes: use [#1] to reference a footnode and [1] for the footnode itself. You can use any number[123456].
  • Recalculated PagesByDistance, added new page DistanceFromFrontpage. Pay attention to those 9999 pages (or the ones with score 6 or higher) on the latter.


  • Mirroring SL with dumb scripts that do not obey robots.txt continues. As a first measure every function but viewing a page needs to have a referrer information in its request. See AccessBlocked. That shields SL from resource intensive requests like pageinfo and searches. Normal users should not be affected by this protection.


  • Added "View" link to pageinfo available by clicking on the title link of a page. You can now view older versions of pages, not just the diff. Btw, advanced users can also create links to older versions of a page. Like this FrontPage version 38 from November 14, 2000. (see source on how to do it). Maybe this proves useful when doing WikiMasterEdits. The choice is up to you.


  • Added text-only mode for Lynx-users out there.
    Also, selection of font possible.
    See UserPreferences. If something breaks, please let me know.


  • FullRecentChanges is working now.
  • changed RecentChanges to new mode (nested diff links)
  • if you are a regular visitor please set your name for edits at UserPreferences. SL was moved behind a proxy which means currently everyone has the same IP address, which in turn means that SL thinks that everyone is the same user. Thus SL does not backup the previous version of the page into the archive unless you set a username. I cannot contact the admin right now (he's on holiday until 27th). I will try to find a solution as soon as possible.
  • It seems that the proxy is slow sometimes. The SL server itself is as fast as ever, but sometimes connections to SL (through the proxy) are very slow. I hope that this is just during the transition phase. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Update of GoWiki engine. If you encounter problems please let me know.
  • New: external links are marked with a small graphic icon so that they can be distuinguished more easily from internal links
  • New: SGF files of diagrams by clicking on diagrams
  • Change of RecentChanges: diff link now references exact version (necessary because of MinorEdit). This allows to keep more information in RecentChanges:
    • old behaviour: if someone edits PAGE then all entries for PAGE are removed from RecentChanges
    • new behaviour: PAGE entries stay there. E.g. if Dieter edits PAGE, then Arno edits PAGE, then Bill edits PAGE you will see all three entries in RecentChanges with the proper diff link.
    • Tell me if you like this or not in MetaDiscussion.


  • You have now the possibility to mark your edits as "minor edits" - such edits will not be logged to RecentChanges. This should help keeping RecentChanges tidy. Note: remember that when you have just edited a page and reedit it again, you don't need to check minor edits. This case is already taken care of automatically (if the reedit happens within 36hours).
  • As newbies cannot be expected to check "minor edits" I've added a number just after the diff link in RecentChanges - it indicates how the number of lines has changed. E.g. [+4] means the page is now four lines longer than before. Watch out for things like [-40] :o) Note: the number does not indicate how many lines have been changed! Only the change in total linecount is indicated.


  • We now allow numbers not only at the end of a WikiName, but also in the middle - this looks like a good extension to avoid names like OngoingGameOneMovesOneHundredTwentyToOneHundredFiftyEight? which could now be written as OngoingGame1 Moves 120 To 158?
  • Slightly changed behaviour for archiving pages: currently pages are put into the archive only if a new author edits the page. I've now added the following behaviour: if the same author edits the page after a period of 36 hours the previous version also gets put into the archive. This should produce more "natural" diff outputs in RecentChanges - e.g. someone edits a page and weeks later edits it again, then RecentChanges shows only the latest change in its diff.
  • SL now contains over 650 pages


  • SL contains more than 500 pages now (doubled over 3 months) - thanks to all contributors!


  • updated PagesByDistance
  • MostPopular now shows the 50 most popular pages (instead of 20).
  • stats: currently about 100 visits/day, on average people look at 6 pages/visit. Content: 420 pages and counting - thanks to everyone!


  • new keyword: "Places" for every kind of location related to Go (e.g. tournament venues, go clubs, ...)



  • new keyword: "Go term"
  • SL contains more than 250 pages now - thanks to everyone!

[123456] well, maybe you should make sensible choices :o)

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