Castle Games

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Chinese: 御城棋 (ychngq)
Japanese: 御城碁 (oshirogo)
Korean: 어성기

1626 - 1863

The castle games were played in the Shogun's castle by the best Japanese players of the day. The first castle game was in 1626.

In 1664, the castle games became annual (with a few gaps).

1667 is the first year in which more than one game was played.

Starting from 1669, the castle games became exhibitions -- games were actually played elsewhere beforehand, and only replayed in the castle.

Shusaku is celebrated for his undefeated record in castle games. (See Invincible, The Games Of Shusaku for some game records.)

The end of the tradition

The last castle games were held in 1861. In the last years of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the political turmoil ultimately leading to the Meiji Restoration disrupted many Japanese traditional ceremonies and institutions -- and Go was no exception. -- 1862 exhibition games became the last of the long tradition.

In 1951, the games were compiled into a series of ten books, Oshiro gofu.

Masukawa's "Castle Games of the Edo Period"

TakeNGive: An interesting article about the castle games, dealing with the duties of Japanese Go and shogi players at the court of the Shogun, is at [ext] JanSteen's GoBase.

Pok: The article at is based on my translation of an essay by Masukawa Koichi. I have revised this translation and published it under the title [ext] The Castle Games of the Edo Period - An Eye-Witness Report.

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