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The tournament... It will be on Monday evenings at 5 o clock UK time. There will be a maximum of 16 entries. It will be self-pairing, so you can play anyone who is in the tournament, but only once.

Games must be using Japanese rules, 30 minutes plus byo-yomi and have correct handicaps on 19x19 board. Games can be ranked or free, I don't care.

The games have to be played in the 14-20k room. You will record reusults on this page. It's not done through KGS, because that takes ages to do. So you don't win a little crown next to your name :( Sorry.

If you can come, please tell sjd123, or make your name _bold_ on the list

To sign up, write your name here:

  1. happy2 (15k)
  2. shikage (16k)
  3. Hikaru097 (17k)
  4. nandeska (15k)
  5. rocklee30 (14k)
  6. mike2096 (15k)
  7. nickt (16k)
  8. sai535 (19k)
  9. touyakira (14k)
  10. aceslowman (15k)
  11. DannyWay (18k)
  12. spanky60
  13. heyoop (17k)
  14. SaiMejin (11k)
  15. amirhelmy (15k)
  16. Ryuk (16k)

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