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Hey, you've found Verse! A Go player from Texas, currently 3K on KGS :)

I like ascii art, and poetry, here is an original bit of both:

             _             A golden hatchling all alone,
     _       \ \__     This wonderous world to make its home,
   // /\/\/\ /   o\__   Once journeyed upon wings of dreams,
  | |  \vv/ |    ___/    To stand before you now, it seems.
  |  \ _vv_/   __\       Will you embrace this tiny spark,
   \          /         This speck of light within the dark?
     \  ___ /            Accept it with your heart and fly
      | \   \ \            On wings of innocence up high,
      vvv    vvv         To kiss the snowflakes in the sky.

I won second place in a 9x9 tournament on KGS a while back, so I also have a silver crown next to my name, hope to make it Gold some day :)

Verse last edited by xela on May 23, 2010 - 03:26
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