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Hi, I'm Ashley. I play on KGS as GothicGirl. I am a member of no club currently.
I enjoy many hobbies including, but not limited to, hanging out with friends and my amazing Boyfriend Daniel, NERO LARP, drawing, reading, and Video games.

My life is devoted to playing Go, and I unfortunatley took a 2 year break from the game. I am a beginner again, but hope to improve again rapidly.


I've studied under several Professional players in my Go career including:
Listed from most time to least time.
Cho Hye Yeon 8p
Kim Myung Wan 8p
Ryo Maeda 6p
Mingjiu Jiang 7p
Kim Byung Jun 2p

For all you Youth out there that are in elementary school all the way up through high school and college, I'd like to invite you to join the High School Go Players room.(under social) Its a room that has been around for a few years, and is the meeting place for as many youth as we can get. We have a list of the school clubs known to me on our room website. So, Please join us%%%


US Go Camp west '08 (12kyu-5kyu) 7/27/08-8/2/08
US Go Congress '08 (5kyu-@1kyu) 8/2/08-8/9/08
I improved 9-10 stones in 2 weeks.
Played in the 2008 US Open
Played in the American Youth/Adult Pair Go Championship 2nd place Table 3 w/Scott Jankowski (Amadeo)
Played in the American Pair Go Championship 3rd place Table 12 w/Ruka( Escapist? )
Taught Go to beginners at AnimeFest? '08 - Dallas, Tx 8/31/08
I represented Allen High School in the American Go Honor Societies ING School Team Tournament with the help of my teammates Kenny and Jon.
I taught Go at Ikkicon '10 -


1. Reach 15 Kyu again by April 2011 (Reached March 12 2011)
2. Reach 10 Kyu again by June 2011
3. Reach 8 Kyu again by July 2011
4. Reach 5 Kyu again by September 2011
5. Reach 1 Kyu again by November 2011
6. Reach 1 Dan again by January 2012

My Study Plan

Each Day:

1. Solve 50 L&D problems(ones that i can do within 10 minutes)
2. Solve 25 tesuji problems
3. play at least two casual games (and at least 5 serious games per week) to practice what I'm learning and to gain experience.
4. Solve 30 L&D problems.

For every incorrect answer, 10 pushups will be done as punishment to keep me mentally and physically strong.

Each Week:

1. take 1-3 lessons from my teacher.
2. have 3 of my serious games reviewed by my teacher.
3. go over 1 pro games a week
4. memorize 15 common josekis(variations counted as different)

GothicGirl's Quotes

1. GothicGirl: whay has told they me not i him play?
2."I am not sorry because they steal my ideas, i am sorry because they dont have their own ideas"-Nikola Tesla
3.HateToWin?: its like playing a retarded gerbil, even if you give 9h, its still just a retarded gerbil :/
4.vic1000: this cut meaning is
vic1000: your suicide
vic1000: you kill yorself
5.guojuan: would you please just shut up?


check out my Bot Tutorial! ( still in progress!)

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