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rooms related KGS questions

  • jfc: lets say joe is my buddy but when I login, joe is in the Salle Francaise but I am not. Is there an easy way to know if joe is logged on to kgs? Going to the user->view user information menu and typing the name is in rather tedious.
  • jfc: is there a way to figure out what rooms a person is in without using chat to ask them?
  • jfc: say that someone says "go to room xyz" but they don't specify which room group (e.g. main, new rooms, clubs, lessons etc...) the room is catagorized under. Is there a way to go to said room without visually inspecting each room group in the KGS room list for room xyz?

page names for KGS rooms

(Sebastian:) I just renamed many pages for KGS rooms to "KGS Room / (old name)". After I did that it occurred to me that they might be referred to by links external to KGS. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to create an alias page to that page. I apologize if my renaming created any problems. Please feel free to post your comments here.

Also, it is not possible to be consistent since some pages are borderline cases between clubs and KGS room descriptions, and others have subpages themselves.

borderline cases

room pages with subpages

The folllowing can't be subpages because they have subpages themselves:

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