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This page is intended to be for the posting and discussion of ideas for the Advanced Study Room. If you have any ideas for improving the room, or teaching services or events we could set up or offer, please post them here. All are welcome to comment.

Naming of 4-4 point and other corner points

The 4-4 point is frequently and interchangeably called 'hoshi point' and less frequently 'star point'. Komoku, takamoku and mokuhazushi are frequently called '3-4 point', '4-3 point',etc. Komoku etc. is Japanese (and also in Chinese but pronounced differently) and will take some time to remember and 3-4, 4-3 points could be just confusing. 'Moku' as in komoku, takamoku, mokuhazushi originally meant 'star'. 'Ko' as in komoku means small or low in Japanese (and Chinese), 'taka' means high, and 'hazushi' means out-of-place, etc. My suggestion is:-

Call 'komoku' low-star or star-low (with or without addition of 'point')

Call 'takamoku' high-star or star-high

Call 'mokuhazushi' diagonal-star or star-diagonal

Those suggested names can be translations from Japanese and also Chinese, easy to remember, and picturesque. Comments are invited. (Gotaro)

Shape lecture(s)

Pasky: I think one topic quite undercovered in various people's lectures in general is shape - I have appreciated that only after having read Making Good Shape and seeing how much better my go got; references to shape ("good shape", "bad shape", ...) are quite frequent, but it would be nice to have something that focuses a bit more on this topic. I have tried to solve together with others some problems from the book in Education of Go room, but I'm hardly the one who should teach or talk about it. :-)

On the other hand, maybe basic familiarity with shape and making it is expected as one of the milestones the players pass around 5k and thus too basic for this room.

The Pyramid

DrOlczyk: But you do have to figure out a way of easing out those people who are not playing. And of letting people who get too busy take a one month sabbatical.

Sonni suggested something along the lines of moving the lowest ranked player from B room down two levels (to D), and the second lowest two into C rooms. This kind of movement would free up space for climbers.

Should be ASRRankingTournament/Suggestions.

sente: I disagree. This is a suggestions room for the entire ASR. Maybe it should be AdvancedStudyRoom/Suggestions.

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