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In this artificial setup, White pokes at Black's compromised diagonal. If Black doesn't act, White can push through at a and cut off one of the black stones.

When evaluating this board, KataGo doesn't think this situation is urgent and prefers a move in the corner. Black would then be behind by 1 point, which is our reference (in the settings used, Black starts off at -0,7 and lost 0,3 in these first 6 moves).

  • if Black connects all stones at a, making a farmer's hat he loses 7 points
  • if Black connects at b, making an empty triangle he loses 4,3 points
  • if Black resists at c allowing a cut but preparing for a sacrifice with good shape, he loses 1,2 points
  • and if Black deals lightly with this position, at d, he loses 0,6 points

If we take the last option as a net loss of playing at the center, then we can estimate the choice for a farmer's hat shape as a 6,5 point loss.

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