Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 41 / Solution

White lives  

Protect the side that is weakened by black+circle.

Continuation 1  
Failure at 3  

White can't play W7 at the marked point because of shortage of liberties.

Continuation 2  

Failure 1  

The black+circle stones turn the hane at B4 into an atari to which White must react, so that Black can take away the second eye with B6.

Failure 2  

This W1 is punished the same way as her mistake in the follow-up to the correct answer (see above).

Failure 3  

Enlarging the eye space at W1 invites Black to play at the vital point B2. Now W3 and B4 are miai. After B4, White has to prevent the capture and take a liberty at a upon which Black takes away the other eye at b.

Failure 4  

Connecting at W1 in this way makes poor eye shape. Black plays on the vital point of this shape. Even if White continues with W5 at a, Black will be able to almost fill her eye space with a farmer's hat.

Failure 5  

Connecting at W1 here is symmetric to Failure 4 and is once again countered by playing on the vital point.


White is dead  

In this symmetric situation, both legs of the white group have no liberties outside of the EyeSpace. Now a move at a or at b will be answered by a move at the point diagonally underneath. White is dead. (But compare Problem 23.)

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