"GOAMA", International Go Newsletter

[ext] http://gogame.info/

Director of the project: Igor Grishin

Editor-in-chief: Alexandre Dinerchtein

Experts: Mace Lee, TheCaptain, Mikhail Emelyanov, Ivo Schuurink

Coming soon:

  1. Seven black methods of winning Go online, by Alex Dinerchtein

Previous issues:

  1. Interview with Liu Xing, 7-dan
  2. Interview with Seo Pong-su, 9-dan
  3. Review: new book by Nam Ch'i-hyeong, 1-dan
  4. News from Korean Prime Minister Cup
  5. Interview with Xie He, 6-dan (China)
  6. Quiz "The world of Japanese Go" with prizes
  7. Quiz "The world of Korean Baduk -2" with prizes
  8. Article "Lee Sanghoon, 5-dan and his Baduk club"
  9. Article "Yu Ch'ang-hyeok, 9-dan and his Go school"
  10. New joseki, invented by Seo Pong-su, 9-dan
  11. Interview with Paek Hong-seok, 4-dan
  12. Interview with Seo Pong-su, 9-dan
  13. Dinerchtein vs Lee Changho, commented game with Lee Changho's impressions
  14. New joseki(?) from Korea, detaily explained by A.Dinerchtein. Black 13 from this game: [ext] http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/sgfview.php?id=12272
  15. Big report from Toyota&Denso cup in Japan
  16. Impressions and commented games from EGC-2006
  17. Interview with Chang Su-yeong, 9-dan
  18. Interview with Yi Ch'ang-ho, 9-dan
  19. Interview with Pak Cheong-sang, 9-dan
  20. New quiz "The world of Chinese Go" compiled by Mace Li
  21. Large interview with Ch'oe Ch'eol-han, 9-dan
  22. Interview with the coach of Chinese pro team Yang Yi
  23. Commented games from the Russian Konishi cup
  24. Favourite football teams of Chinese professionals
  25. Interview with Mace Li, 6-dan
  26. Weon Seong-chin, 7-dan and his thoughts about the opening stage of Go (fuseki)

14 May 2006 (6th issue):

  1. Quiz "The world of Korean Baduk" with PRIZES!
  2. The most exciting game of the week (links)
  3. New trick move (at the attachment, pdf format)

7 May 2006 (5th issue):

  1. An interview with Pak Yeong-hun, 9-dan, 2004 (last part)
  2. The most exciting game of the week (links)
  3. New trick move (at the attachment, pdf format)
  4. Commented game between Luo Xihe, 9-dan and Gu Li, 7-dan (at the attachment, sgf format)

30 April 2006 (4th issue):

  1. Interview with Pak Yeong-hun, 9-dan. Part 1.
  2. "Five hundred and one Tesuji problems". Book review by Ivo Schuurink
  3. Chinese and Korean league tournaments. An article by Mace Lee, 6-dan
  4. The most exciting game of the week (link)
  5. New trick move (at the attachment, pdf format)

23 April 2006 (3rd issue):

  1. The story of Kim In, 9-dan (last part)
  2. The 1971 Honinbo Tournament - book review by Ivo Schuurink
  3. New trick move (rare one), this time for kyu players
  4. Interview with Gu Li, 7-dan, the winner of 10th LG cup

16 April 2006 (2nd issue)

  1. Detail commentary of Alexandre Dinerchtein vs Cho Chikun [ext] game by Ko Keun-t'ae, 5-dan and Cho Han-seung, 8-dan
  2. Train Like a Pro: Book review by Ivo Schuurink
  3. The story of Kim In, 9-dan (second part)
  4. Another trick-move from Korea (PDF format this time)
  5. The most exciting game of the week (sgf format, short commentary)
  6. Unusual ladder game, found by Mace Lee, (link)

06 April 2006 (Inagural Issue)

  1. Lee Sedol's interview and wedding photos
  2. The story of Kim In, 9-dan, who was the Korean student of Kitani Minoru (part 1)
  3. One of Korean trick-moves in great details (Word format)
  4. Commented game of Im Seon-keun, 9-dan (SGF format)

Archive with old issues: [ext] http://gogame.info/samples.html

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