Kill-all Game

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The first proposal of this variant in the Western go world, as far as I know, was by Alexandre Dinerchtein in the GoAma newsletter. It is similar in nature to the shape game.

The rules are as in regular Go, on a 19x19 board, but Black is awarded 17 handicap stones, using free placement. If White can obtain a living group, he wins, while if Black can prevent this, she wins. 17 stones are chosen based on the experience amongst professionals that this amount gives White a roughly 50% chance of success.

When players of different strengths play this game, the number of handicap stones can be adjusted (this is one benefit of this form over the shape game).

Phelan: This kill-all game is similar to a variant someone posted on shape game 3 years ago. The only difference is that it uses the pie rule when it comes to choosing how many stones to use.

GoFederation?: Kill-all game will be played in March 2010 Insei League on KGS : [ext]

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