Strange Pro Opening 5


I think Mr. Dinerchtein read the last entry in the Strange Openings series: the 62nd Goama newsletter featured a game between Zhang Wendong 9-dan versus Liao Xingwen 1-dan.

Fig. 1, 1-5: Double 6-4 (Again)  

Zhang opens with a decidedly non-standard pattern. I have the (rather unhappy) feeling that he plays this way because he expects it to be a bit of a crush match: an experienced 9-dan versus a thirteen year old shodan.

Andy Pierce: I've seen RoseDuke use this opening as black several times on IGS.

MarkD This opening was also used in the game Akiyama Jiro, 7d - Yamashita Keigo, 6d, B+2.5 (Komi 5.5) 30th Shinei, Round 4, 2000-02-05

Fig. 2, 5-14: An Ambitious Plan  

Through 14, I feel black has a good position. A strong player's analysis of this would be helpful, but B1 seems to work well with B7, and the bottom is well-constructed, though high. I speculate that W10 is a mistake; it looks like the sort of move strong players criticize me for.

Fig. 3, 15-24: Breaking up Housekeeping  

Black comes in at B1, and promptly uses a move I'm not familiar with to build a bit of thickness. I'm no expert, but this seems precisely what White doesn't want after having played W10 in the previous diagram. Not to mention...

Fig. 4, 25-34: What's Mine Was Yours  

...the corner is still open...

Fig. 5, 35-44: What's Yours is Mine  

...and suddenly it seems white is coming under a stronger attack than Black. In fact, the white wall leads to essentially no territory: throughout the middlegame, it marches sedately across the dame points. In the end, it comes to six points(!).

Fig. 6: The Final Position  

Here Black wins by resignation. Once again, it's hard to judge the relative merits of the opening; hopefully, this style will be played in more even games in the future. If you're interested, the [ext] whole game is available, courtesy of go4go.


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