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copied from Corner is gold, side is silver, center is grass, a comment by dnerra

A proverb is a proverb, and a truth is a truth. I've always more or less automatically tried to translate a proverb into something more meaningful. Examples:

  • "There is no territory in the center." means "Most amateurs overestimate the territorial value of center moves."
  • "If there are less than 15 stones in danger, play tenuki." means: "Well, if a group of you is in danger, and it is a burden to defend it, and it is less than 10 stones, than you should at least consider for a moment whether it might be better to surrender it, maybe trying to get influence while the opponent is busy capturing it."
  • "Ikken tobi is never wrong." means: "If you have a weak stone, and you have to run away, the default move you consider is an ikken tobi. But of course look for special circumstance which might favor other moves."

aLegendWai: I am doing the same when I understand the proverb. Instead of trying hard to remember the proverb (and its behind meaning. I simply rewrite the proverb. The following examples are my ways to understand them.

Forget this proverb! Remember this instead: A connection against a peep is one of the common responses. But it is not the absolute answer. Other reponses can often be seen. (Note: You connect because you can't protect from being cut, or you can't afford being cut.)

Forget this proverb! Remember this instead: Any move can be a ko threat if the opponent has to respond in order to prevent from loss/damage etc. There are ko threats in the opening, but their value cannot be accurately assessed.

A problem might be, that on this page nobody cares about the difference between Go related proverbs, proverbs applicated to Go, aphorisms, own inventions, and "also enjoyable great quotes and fun go facts." I would like to see a remark about the original language of the proverb and a presentation which shows proverbs about one issue - especially opposing ones - at one glance. In short, a WME. But maybe there is nobody ready to do this... --tapir

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