Connect, or push first

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Conceived by HolIgor

Only a fool does not connect against peeping plays. That is a proverb.

But look at the diagram.

What about a push and connect?  

Pushing first has advantages. The kikashi stone became heavier.

Now the task is to formulate an heuristic rule to choose a proper reply.

Pushing also has disadvantages: White probably won't play W2 and will keep it as a ko threat. Later, if a fight develops in the area, moves other than W2 might also become sente. These little things often make the difference in strong players' games.



What about a push and connect? (ii)  
What about a push and keima?  

And while Alain has a point about White's not playing W2 right away, if White plays elsewhere, the exchange of white+circle with B1 is not good for White. The following looks more realistic:

White jumps  

W2 is lighter play, but there is now no immediate threat to cut.

See also kikashi and influence.

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