One space low pincer, one point jump and peep

    Keywords: Joseki, Shape, Question

BramGo: I wanted to start some discussion about the following move, which is probably an overplay. I wish to leave it open for stronger players who have more insight in this matter.

At first sight it seems to remove a potential cuttingpoint at an early stage but it does of course have an influence on all existing joseki variations. It looks like it starts an early fight where black will get bad shape, nevertheless black looks a bit heavy.

Basic Problem

A peep  

Uberdude: Connecting seems a good idea: Even A Moron Connects Against A Peep. I am not convinced black benefited from this exchange.

what now?  

Harleqin: Does Black have any sensible continuation?

what now?  

Bill: Diagonal attachment?

Harleqin: White would connect solidly now anyway, and then W2 looks a bit stupid. I still prefer White, but less than without W2, so I guess that just connecting against B1 is best.

Slight variation

The same peep at a later stage  
simple connection  

tderz: Again, White should simply connect at W4, IMO.
Black's idea might be to separate by push a and induce White's bad push b, black c, however after White bending with d, I am not sure that White is weak.
We could investigate the usefulness of Black's hane x and White's cut y, then Black z. White should have positive aji m-n-o in the corner.

the induced bad push from behind  

tderz: White has also good cutting aji p-r-o,
however this would only proof, that Black should not jump to z, rather crawl on the 3rd line after having cut x-y.

simple connection  

tderz: or going directl for safety with like W6?

simple connection  

tderz: Could it be that the starting point W2 is too heavy and that one should retract to circle?
Unlikely, W2 is quite a basic Joseki move.

Hoshi variations

The hoshi variation  

With the hoshi things are easier at first sight as there is an easy way to live in the corner.

Hoshi peep at a later stage  

Here things seem to look easier as the marked stone is not as close as in the basic problem situation.

One space low pincer, one point jump and peep last edited by tderz on September 17, 2008 - 00:22
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