4-4 3-3 enclosure

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4433 enclosure  

This enclosure appears quite often in the games of Takemiya, to defend against the 3-3 point invasion.

Black usually plays this only if he has influence around both triangle and square.

Professional examples

Xu Ying (Black) versus Luo Xihe (White), 2006 CCTV Cup  

W1 creates the 4-4 3-3 enclosure, with the aim of turning much of the framework in the lower left into territory.

White wins by resignation.

Ito Kiyoko? (Black) versus Shusai Meijin (White), 1931, 3-handicap game  

Owing to the strength of the White groups all around the upper right corner, B1 chose the 4-4 3-3 enclosure to ensure the safety of his upper right corner.

White wins by resignation.

Kato Masao (Black) versus Otake Hideo (White), 1986 Judan  

In response to the approach at B1, W2 plays the diagonal to form the 3-3 4-4 enclosure. This move puts more pressure on the B1 stone than the more common response at a.

Black wins by 3.5 points.


The Enclosure naming hints at surrounding corner territory. It's The enclosure page currently defines it as a formation that is created when “one player has made two moves in the same corner” and I think we'll be better off sticking to this pragmatic description.

See also

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