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I am the creator of what was once some of the most comprehensive English-based information threads on Asian go books at the defunct godiscussions forum under the names:

Some of my chinese go books
Just a few Japanese Books
Just a few Korean books

With the departure of the GD forum, I have started a go related blog at: [ext]

I will strive to incorporate and update all the Asian books I had on my previous GD threads into my blog and to show interesting go related items I happen upon in a section of my blog called "Go Sightings". Hope you will all enjoy my blog as much as you had the GD threads while they were around.

Currently just a humble kyu playing mainly on KGS, if I ever finish reading and understanding the books I own, I'll be quite a few ranks higher.

I only have an elementary understanding of the chinese language so my translation attempts are on a best effort basis relying heavily on the aid of online dictionaries. Perhaps one day, my skill in Chinese will also grow much more as well. My understanding of Japanese and Korean is even worse.

2017 Jun 28
My blog is now open to the public once again. Enjoy.

2012 Aug 25
My blog has been turned private until further notice. Thank you for all the fans who have enjoyed it up to this moment. Please do not replicate my work elsewhere. I do intend to reopen the blog to the public in the future but just want to step away for a while. People who have signed up as followers of the blog in the past have been sent invites to continue their access to the blog. If you are not one of them, unfortunately you'll have to wait until I decide to reopen it to the public.

2011 May 30
Added a page to my blog on a very interesting old go set I recently acquired. Possibly the [ext] pièce de résistance of my collection.

2010 July 22
Added a page to my blog called [ext] "List of Major Works of Japanese Tsumego"

2010 April 27
Started my go blog at: [ext]

2009 April 28
Started the "Arsenal of Immortal Devices" Xian Ji Wu Ku Problems project. Completed the first section (疏豁角) of the Leather scroll. Enjoy.

2009 April 23
Thinking about maybe bringing additional classical go problems to SL, from sources such as "Arsenal of Immortal Devices" 仙機武庫 circa 1629, but definitely not at the same pace ;) Probably will be a lot of dupes that appear in other classical go problems collections as well.

2009 April 22
Recently brought the Gokyo Seimyo Tsumego Series to SL with the completion of all problems in Volume 3 of Gokyo Seimyo. As a result of completing this task at a quick pace, I was nominated onto the recent changes junkie's nightmare list.

Herman: Thanks for the addition of the Gokyo Seimyo problems, excellent material! :)

tapir: Indeed! Hope this encourages everyone to solve (or try to) tsumego, here.

unkx80: Thanks for posting these problems. The difficulty of the first few dozen problems looks realistic and pretty much at the right level, suitable for the majority of the Go players.

Phelan: Thanks! :) Just one note: If you are creating a lot of pages like this could you please use minor edit, though? It makes RecentChanges crowded and hard to read. I feel that editing the main page and saying "added problems X to Y" on the change summary should be enough.

tchan001 I really don't think adding a major collection of problems should be considered a minor edit. Every problem is a major addition to SL. If you look at the definition of minor change when you edit a page, you'll see that it's about correcting spelling mistakes, changing keywords, making the page look right...

Don't worry though cause I'm sure this type of addition is not an every day type occurrence.

tapir: Seeing recent changes crowded from such additions makes me happy. This was a good week for SL with the Gokyo Seimyo and the long awaited search function arriving...

xela: I second this--please do keep all of the new problems appearing on RecentChanges! Thanks again tchan001 for your great work on this series.

unkx80: Congratulations for being nominated on the recent changes junkie's nightmare list. =P =)

Phelan: It seems I was the only one who felt crowded. :P

Batavia?: seems like another word for junkie nightmare is valuable contributer

Phelan: It is, since only people who add or rework a lot of content are eligible. If someone would blank a lot of pages, or write gibberish in a lot of, he would be called a vandal instead. Perhaps that should be more explicit on the page?

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