RecentChanges Junkie's Nightmare

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Recent Changes Junkies Nightmare - n sg.

User who edit too many pages at once and thus create a huge list of changed pages in RecentChanges, which in turn places a heavy burden on RecentChangesJunkies. Also known as RecentChangesDealer.

Recent changes junkies nightmares are valuable contributors. People who edit pages with malicious intent are called wiki vandals instead.

Honorary titles have been awarded to:

  • MtnViewMark for editings on 10th-Oct-2001
  • unkx80 for forgetting the MinorEdit checkbox on 2nd-Dec-2001
  • KarlKnechtel for his contributions 15th-Jul-2002 to 19th-Jul-2002
  • DieterVerhofstadt for editings on July 18, 2002 and his coldblooded statement on CoffeeMachine afterwards: "You RecentChangesJunkies' nightmares make my day."
  • doulos for indirectly generating the most traffic in edits of Hikaru no Go Junkie 22nd-July-2002 onward --lavalyn
  • SAS For his August 13th renaming of dozens of pages (was there a point to this?) --StormCrow (SAS: It was five pages, not "dozens". And of course there was a point: people refer to the "4-4 point", not the "four four point". And for some reason it's impossible to adjust the page title to "4-4 point" without moving it to 44Point. Perhaps I should have marked all the edits as minor though. (ChessWhiz: Duh. :-))
  • CharlesMatthews for his contributions on 4th-Sept-2002
  • TimBrent for his contributions on January 9,2003
  • ChuckRobbins: for his controversial postings of SlateAndShell books (Jan 30, 2003)
  • BillSpight for deliberately forgetting the MinorEdit checkbox on Nov 13, 2003
  • juhtolv "The Mad Linker" for the contributions from July 31, 2004 to August 7, 2004. ;)
  • Quicksilvre for a flurry of new Pro pages created on 27th March 2005 !?
  • Benjamin Teuber for a colossal 26 consecutive entries on the 27th May 2005. (what is it with the 27th Day of the month?)
  • viciousman for the ~40 new aliases (alternative romanizations), plus other edits, all without using minor edit, on 2005 November 30.
  • RiffRaff for edits adding tournament information and links to photos of pros, in late December, 2005
  • velobici, for creating a lot of new pages while expanding the GokyoShumyoTsumegoSeries. ;)
  • blubb for his fixing of the new KGS url on a massive amount of pages on October 2006. :)
  • tchan001 for massive page creation for the GokyoSeimyoTsumegoSeries, on April 2009. :)
  • imabuddha for his massive addition of Japanese books with links, August 28-30 2009
  • granule? for over 40 edits of book pages on 4 October 09 - added by anonymous
  • Not created by a lone editor but the edits to the various "Connection" pages and the SolidConnection/Discussion edits consitute a nightmare for recent changes junkies.
  • To for many many shikatsu myoki pages that could have been created with minor edits

(feel free to add other nightmarish people :o)

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