Classical life-and-death problems

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There are quite a number of classical life-and-death problems posted on Sensei's Library. Please add to the list below.

Classical Life & Death Collections

The following are classical life & death collections from China and Japan. Several of them are completely available on Sensei's Library. Such collections sometimes share part of their problems, so you may encounter duplicates.

Name Available On SL? When? Description
Xuanxuan Qijing Yes 1347 347-problems written by Yan Defu and Yan Tianzhang in 1347
Guanzi Pu No 16th c. 1473-problems written by Guo Bailing in the 16th century. Endgame tesujis and encroachment problems.
Xian Ji Wu Ku Yes c. 1629 a famous Chinese go manual compiled around 1629 in the Ming Dynasty by Lu Xuanyu and his son.
Igo Hatsuyo-ron Yes 1713 183-problems written by Dosetsu Inseki in 1713, hardest of the classical collections.
Gokyo Shumyo Yes 1812 520-problems written by Hayashi Genbi and published in 1812.
Gokyo Seimyo Yes, the 3rd volume 1835 494-problems written by Hayashi Genbi and published in 1835 as a sequel to Gokyo Shumyo.
Shikatsu Myoki Yes 1910 168-problems written by Honinbo Shusai.

Classical Problem Books which ought to be available on SL

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