Yoda Norimoto

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Yoda Norimoto's Nihon Ki-in photo

Yoda Norimoto (依田 紀基, born 11th February 1966) is a Japanese 9-dan professional Go player.

Yoda was born in Iwamizawa, Japan. Turned professional in 1980, and promoted to 9-dan in 1993. He is known to slam go stones onto the board, even breaking them into pieces to unnerve the opponent. Previous titles include:

  • 1983: 8th Shinjin O
  • 1986: 11th Shinjin O
  • 1987: 12th Shinjin O
  • 1988: 14th Shinjin O
  • 1990: 15th Shinjin O
  • 1991: 38th NHK Cup
  • 1992: 12th NEC Cup
  • 1993: 40th NHK Cup and 5th Asian TV Cup
  • 1995: 33rd Judan title
  • 1996: 34th Judan and 21st Gosei titles, and 1st Samsung Cup
  • 1997: 22nd Gosei title, 17th NEC Cup, and 4th Agon Cup
  • 1998: 23rd Gosei title, 45th NHK Cup, and 10th Asian TV Cup
  • 1999: 46th NHK Cup and 11th Asian TV Cup
  • 2000: 25th Meijin and 47th NHK Cup
  • 2001: 26th Meijin title
  • 2002: 27th Meijin and 24th Kakusei titles, and 21st NEC Cup
  • 2003: 28th Meijin and 28th Gosei titles
  • 2004: 29th Gosei title
  • 2005: 30th Gosei title

During his Kisei match against Yamashita Keigo, the referee Hane Yasumasa 9-dan said of him: ‘Yoda dislikes being attacked the most of all professionals. The word “flee” is not in his dictionary. Instead, there are entries only for “live” and sacrifice”.' [ext] http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/english/topics/09/topics2009_03.htm

Lee Chang-ho 9p once said, "Yoda Norimoto is one of the best of the best."

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