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(鶴聖戦) Kakusei was a Japanese quickplay tournament.

Unlike other tournaments where the winner is decided in the final (games), this one was organized as a 5-player round robin until 1986.

Was discontinued after 2002 as well as Women's Kakusei.

Winners and defeated finalists
Ed. Year Winner Runner-up
1st 1979 Rin Kaiho
2nd 1980 Kato Masao
3rd 1981 Otake Hideo
4th 1982 Cho Chikun Hashimoto Shoji
5th 1983 Otake Hideo
6th 1984 Otake Hideo
7th 1985 Cho Chikun
8th 1986 Kato Masao Otake Hideo
9th 1987 Otake Hideo Kobayashi Koichi
10th 1988 Otake Hideo Takagi Shoichi
11th 1989 O Rissei Hashimoto Shoji
12th 1990 Kataoka Satoshi O Rissei
13th 1991 Takemiya Masaki Otake Hideo
14th 1992 Rin Kaiho Otake Hideo
15th 1993 O Rissei Kato Masao
16th 1994 Kobayashi Koichi Cho Chikun
17th 1995 Kato Masao Cho Chikun
18th 1996 Kato Masao Kobayashi Satoru
19th 1997 Kobayashi Koichi Kato Masao
20th 1998 Rin Kaiho Kato Masao
21st 1999 O Rissei Kato Masao
22nd 2000 O Rissei Hikosaka Naoto
23rd 2001 Kobayashi Koichi Yoda Norimoto
24th 2002 Yoda Norimoto Kobayashi Koichi
25th 2003 Yuki Satoshi Hane Naoki

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