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The following rules apply to the ongoing Wu Ren Go 3. For reference see Wu Ren Go 1/Rules and Wu Ren Go 2/Rules.

Game Rule Set


  • Two teams alternate play.
  • Each team consists of captains and soldiers.
  • Team members are not allowed to switch teams.
  • A team member is a captain when his or her declared rank is higher than or equal to the captain bar.
  • A team member is a soldier if his or her declared rank is below the captain bar.
  • The captain bar is set at 1d.
    • This bar should of course be flexible to maintain a reasonable ratio.
  • A play consists of two consecutive phases, first the suggestion phase and then the move phase.
  • During the suggestion phase each soldier can make at most one suggestion for a move, (i.e a board coordinate or a pass). As soon as enough soldiers have made a suggestion the suggestion phase ends and the move phase begins. The suggestion phase can be interrupted by a team captain, he can immediately advance to the move phase. (Click on "/white" or "/black" on the main page to follow your team's discussion or to make a move suggestion.)
  • During the move phase a team captain chooses one of the suggestions made in the last suggestion phase and plays that move.
    • To clarify: Captains cannot make their own suggestions.


  • topazg: What server / association etc is supposed to be the benchmark for "declared rank"?
  • tapir: I have no idea. (I can offer everything from 2k to 3d.) In the last games it was always quite obvious with no need for clarification. If you like to be captain we can switch. I would be happy to make proposals instead...
  • topazg: I'm enjoying making proposals and discussing them, but I don't feel strongly. If you have a burning desire to throw ideas around, sure, switching is fine by me - Alternatively, if you like picking, stay as we are :)
  • tapir: Picking moves isn't easy at all. Especially in the opening i am totally lost, but our stronger players abstain this time it seems, are they exhausted from picking and proposing moves under pseudonym instead? :)


  • A captain should move as soon as possible and preferably within a week after the first suggestion.
    • kb: I suggest this be maximum 1 day. Even three days per move means the game will take an entire year to play. This might mean lowering the captain bar.
      • Bass: 1 day is just too short with the number of participants we have here. A good limit would be "within 1 day of the 3rd suggestion" or "within four days of the opponents' move", or possibly, both. As an experiment, a time limit of 100 days per team might be interesting too :-)
        • dave: I like the combination but I think the maximum should be shorter; say, "within 1 day of the 3rd suggestion or within three days of the opponent's move". From observing the last game, it seemed to me that usually when somebody takes that long to make a move it's because the captain is hoping for a better suggestion. If captains can't make their own suggestions, it seems consistent that they shouldn't hold up the game hoping somebody finally suggests something better; they should have to work with what they've got.
        • tapir: players live in different time zones so 1 day is absolutely not enough imo. imo it is absolutely ok for a game to last a year (however i wonder, if any game of this sort will ever reach the small endgame. if we are worried about games going on for too long, we just might have more than one game at a time (if there is enough interest for that). for speeding up the game, i actually would propose something similar to what is available at ogs. conditional moves - so we can in more or less obvious sequences offer a whole sequence and if agreed then everyone can just implement the whole sequence accepted already. (hane connect and similar stuff)
  • A player that wants to enter the game should recognize the balance of strength in both teams and chose his team appropriately.
  • Just as a side note, it was decided in WuRenGo 1 that, as this is a teaching exercise, teams ARE allowed to read each other's suggestion pages, so please keep this in mind.
    • Fwiffo: Before jumping in and reading the other team's page, has this been officially decided for this round? It's been mentioned on WuRenGo2/Discussion but so far I'm the only person to express a preference one way or the other (and I was against).
      • Herman You were perhaps the only one put your opinion into words, but a vote was held where plenty of people expressed a preference, with 8 people preferring to be allowed look at the other team's page
        • antone: fwiffo's comment comes from the wurengo2 discussion page, I think this page started as a copy/paste job from there.
    • isd:I don't think you should be reading the thoughts of the other team. I know you can't stop people doing that, but it seems counterproductive to me to encourage it.
    • ThorAvaTahr: If I were to join I would vote for no spying
    • Herman: I don't care, either way is fine by me.
    • Phelan: I'll try the game either way.
    • tapir: I don't care. But I felt like last time nobody responded to cross page references (I added some to questions on the black page which were analysed already on the white page) and it felt like practically nobody was looking into the pages of the other party anyway. So one can as well encourage not looking at the pages of the other colour.
    • antone: fine for me either way.
    • kb: When I thought of WuRenGo (or Captain Go, as it should probably be called now), it was meant to be a private discussion between the soldiers and the captain, not viewable by the other team. That being said, there is no way to enforce this, so the discussion is therefore public. I would vote to discourage it.
    • Bass: Private team discussions would fit the spirit of the game. Having those on an unrestricted internet site is (at least oxy-)moronic though, so I'd say we either implement page viewing for team members only, or have the discussions (explicitly) in public.
      • isd: Lets use rot13 encryption to prevent our opponents reading what we say! :)

Honor system vote

Please mark your vote with a +.

  • I prefer an honor system where team members do not look at the other team's discussion page. +(isd), +(kb), +(thoravatahr), +(kanzenryu), +(topazg), +(bacteria)
  • I'd rather be able to look at the other team's page. +(jasavol1)
  • I'd rather be unable to look at the other team's page. +(bass), +(dave)
  • I have no preference. +(herman),+(phelan),+(antone),+(tapir),+(Saurus)

Feature: Conditional moves

For speeding up the game, I would propose in case of more or less "obvious" follow-ups to propose a single move and/or a total sequence which the player has in mind. If captain picks move (with sequence) then any player can just add the moves in the agreed upon sequence until a branching point is reached. Especially when we start a set sequence this may be helpful. +(tapir), +(uberdude: who actually proposed this earlier)

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