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Abydos1: One thing I'd like to suggest is that captain's bold their move selections on the team pages like the White team did last game; it makes it a lot easier to pick out the actual moves and reasoning for playing them.

tapir: White is still playing bold moves. Actually the best is probably to go forward and format the black page accordingly.

Captain Procedure

Uberdude How are captains supposed to reconcile differences? I've just joined the black team as some soldiers seem quite upset at the captain choosing a move I too consider rather poor. How is this supposed to work with multiple captains?

schEkkEr The game works like this: The soldiers propose moves, the captain chooses one. So there will always be discussions and people who consider the move poor. (BTW, in the White team there are discussions after the moves, too.)

I think the soldiers (=weaker players) might want to consider that the move the captain (=stronger player) chose at last maybe is not so bad?

Reading your posting again, I noted you are a captain Well, you'll have to live with that someone else chooses a different move than you would have chosen. As this is supposed to be a learning experience, the soldiers will surely profit from the discussion between the captains, at least.

Uberdude So the captains are encouraged to discuss which suggestion they are thinking of picking and why before doing so?

ThorAvaTahr: Any captain can play a move as soon as he likes, in order to keep the pace high. Discussion among captains can follow and be valuable for everybody (including the soldiers).

schEkkEr In the original WuRenGo proposal there is only one captain. I think every discussion leads to more insights for the team. However, at last one has to play a move, so I don't think every conflict can be resolved.

jvloenen: In both wurengo games played, there was no captain discussion about the move to choose. Either captain could make a move. Practically, the strongest captain chooses most often. The other captains jumped in if the strongest captain wasn't available or didn't respond in time to keep the game going.

ThorAvaTahr: IMO the difference in rank between the soldiers and the captains is relatively low. This results in some tension, because it can happen that soldiers suggest move better moves than the captain selects.

How to join

Eozberk: How could get in one of the teams?

tapir: add your name and rank on the main page, and start frequenting the subpage of your team. it is that easy.


jvloenen: The white team is at a minimum of 3 soldiers. The black team takes more than a week for a move. Do we want to continue and finish this game?

tapir: i would like to. but can't help with the number of soldiers.

Abydos1: I would like to continue as well; would anyone mind giving the white soldiers an extra suggestion? On a related note one thing I've found difficult is timing sente exchanges where it's hard to justify using your suggestion on when you could be way off on the timing; for example I had suggested R16 for W52.

Again: continue?

jvloenen: We're waiting three weeks for black to move. It seems the black captain is not playing anymore. If we want to continue I suggest the highest ranked black soldier to promote him/herself to captain.

BobWhoosta: I agree.

tapir: The moves are coming in so slowly that we should discontinue the game, the reason is imo that the game is very lopsided right now. White should just resign and get over it.

JoelR: I agree White is behind, but I would like to see what comes of W92. If it would be more interesting to call the came and do some analysis and review, that would be fine.

tapir: I was part of the White team too, I would say the lack of enthusiasm recently (10 moves in half a year) is related to the game being pretty much decided. So, I would resign (or we can call it a White victory by timeout :)).

fractic: Until I saw the discussion in recent changes today I had almost forgotten about this game. I think stopping the game would be best. Interest has clearly deteriorated and I think the oncoming endgame would not really raise a lot of interest.

I think if we are to play another ongoing game that we should abandon the wurengo concept. It just requires too many active players to keep it going.

tapir: The whole ongoing game concept isn't necessarily limited to playing only one game at a time. It just happened because so many people were involved in the wurengo format. Personally, I would be interested to play some kind of big brother rengo (maybe just with 2 players on each side, one making the moves and another one allowed to change it for a fee of 1 or 2 points) but only if the teams are about even, the last game had a too lopsided lineup for my taste.

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