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Moves 51 to 60  

ThorAvaTahr: First let's suppose B 'd':

Expected Result for B 'd'  

ThorAvaTahr: In this case we choose to try to turn the moyo into territory. This means that white will get reduction moves that we will answer on the inside, such as the 'a'-'b' exchange or something similar. That means white will get a framework in the center himself. However 'c' and 'd' seem somewhat miai, in the sense that white wil not get both and finish the complete framework. White's choice will probably be 'c' since it gives him a deeper moyo. Furthermore since we chose for the territory on the inside white will get the 'e'-'f' exchange. Furthermore, I am not sure about this, but I would expect to get 'g'-'h'.

In the above scenario I have put expectations on the course of the game. Off course the actual game may progress in a completely different way. Also others may have a different opinion on how the game might continue. However this is the scenario I consider reasonable. Now we have to start counting, coursely ofcourse.

I count approximately 85 for black in this scenario and also around 80 for white. Please feel free to improve on this scenario as well as the counting. And add the other scenarios.

Off course it is not possible to conclude anything from just this scenario without looking at the others, however, my feeling with this scenario is that it might be a little early to declare victory with move 'd'. This scenario seems to show that the game afterwards is not yet decided (leading to the situation where white can grow, but black cannot since he allready closed is territory). If you are Yi Ch'an-go you would probably play 'd', since you are so sure that you are 5 points ahead and will win the game.

tapir: If I am sure what Yi Ch'ang-ho would play, I would simply do it like him :)

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