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My real name is Graham Lamburn (used to be Philips) and I'm a [ext] Go player from the UK. I used to run OGS, which started at the beginning of November 2005 and has steadily grown. You can find me as topazg on [ext] OGS, [ext] DGS and [ext] KGS.

I'm currently between 1 dan and 2 dan on KGS' ranking system.

Teaching - [ext] Topaz Go School

One thing I've noticed is the typical advice given to DDK players about teachers and getting better is "don't bother, just play lots of games, do a few tsumegos and you'll just naturally work up to 5k quick enough". From my experience, this is not the case for quite a lot of people; So not only does no-one fill in that teacher role that they asked for, but they then feel frustrated about not getting as far as they are supposed to by themselves, which may well put people off asking again.

I'm a big believer that, provided the teacher is at least 5 stones stronger than the pupil, teaching skill outweighs playing skill with regards to how effective the teaching is, so people around 10k or weaker don't even need a dan teacher to get good improvement.

So, I've started offering teaching for anyone up to KGS 4 kyu. I'm not offering to do it for free, for two reasons: a) I think people motivate themselves better for things that have cost them money - people rarely respect things for free (and this goes both ways, I'm likely to put more work into something if I'm being paid to do it), and b) I'm prepared to put quite a lot of time aside to really work at helping people get better, and I can't afford that amount of time for free.

So, with that out of the way, please look at [ext] what I'm offering :)

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