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The following rules apply to the ongoing WuRenGo1.

Game Rule Set


  • Two teams alternate play.
  • Each team consists of captains and soldiers.
  • Team members are not allowed to switch teams.
  • A team member is a captain when his or her declared rank is higher than or equal to the captain bar.
  • A team member is a soldier if his or her declared rank is below the captain bar.
  • The captain bar is set at 1d.
    • This bar should of course be flexible to maintain a reasonable ratio.
  • A play consists of two consecutive phases, first the suggestion phase and then the move phase.
  • During the suggestion phase each soldier can make at most one suggestion for a move, (i.e a board coordinate or a pass). As soon as each soldier has made a suggestion the suggestion phase ends and the move phase begins. The suggestion phase can be interrupted by a team captain, he can immediately advance to the move phase.
  • During the move phase a team captain choses one of the suggestions made in the last suggestion phase and plays that move.
    • (To clarify: Captains cannot make their own suggestions.)


  • A captain should move as soon as possible and preferably within a week after the first suggestion.
  • A player that wants to enter the game should recognize the balance of strength in both teams and chose his team appropriately.

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