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Chinese: Simplified: 围棋, Traditional: 圍棋 (wiq)
Japanese: 囲碁 (igo)
Korean: 바둑 (baduk)

Weiqi (圍棋 traditional or 围棋 simplified, Pinyin: Wiq) is the Chinese name for the game that is known in the West by its Japanese name 'Go' (碁).

In Korean it is called Baduk (바둑).

The Mandarin pronunciation is roughly "way-chee". To pronounce it correctly, both syllables should be said with a rising tone similar to the change in pitch many English speakers use at the end of a sentence to denote a question. While pronouncing the "ch" in the second syllable, the position of the lips and tongue should be like when pronouncing the letter "t".

The Wade-Giles spelling wei-ch'i is sometimes used instead of the pinyin weiqi.

In pinyin with tones, it's wiq (= wei2 qi2).

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