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I'm a noob here. I'm a Hikaru no Go fan, and that is why I am here.

nachtrabe: Welcome to SL, I'm glad you are so enthusiastic, but a few points:

  • "Honinbo" is the standard representation here. It is probably best if you don't change the standard representations of words on every page that they appear on.
  • There is a "minor edit" checkbox at the top of the edit page. For very minor corrections, it helps keep the Recent Changes from being overwhelmed if you will click that.
  • Please indicate something about what you are changing in the summary line when you edit.

DrStraw: Agreed. I edited a page yesterday which I was looking at when I saw someone had "misspelled" honinbo several times. Now I found you have done it to lots of pages. Please revert them all to the standard english spelling. If you wish to make a point then please add a single comment to the Honinbo page.

Arno: I applied the minoredit flag to all edits with change =+0.

Bob McGuigan: Using ou for the long o is no less standard romanization than revised hepburn so there is no need to change everything to revized hepburn. In fact, doing so messes up the search function. Using the diacritical marks requires special unicode characters, another reason not to use revised hepburn.

Velobici: Due to the changes that you are making, folks can not successfully search for kyuba on Japanese Go Terms. By contrast your change to joseki does allow search because you choose to have both Joseki and Jōseki appear for the single entry. Please follow the later course in making changes.

Examples taken from Japanese Go Terms:

  • Joseki (Jōseki, Standard local play, typically in the corner) - 定石
  • Kyūba (urgent point) - 急場

isshoni: Hi, Viciousman. I understand that on SL, when someone comments on someone else, the comment should be written on the same page as the quote. eg, when you react to the above Bob McGuigan statement, you should write you opinion here, and not in his homepage. It helps keep SL organized :-)
I am not familiar with English encyclopedias, academics (either US or else), so I can't tell, but I doubt the Congress Library alone sets the standard usages for the whole English speaking world. On the contrary, it seems that specifically Go-related literature and organizations (ie publishers, federations and their magazines) play a more important role in this case.
But all this belongs to the Romanization/ Discussion now...

unkx80: From your message I presume that you are not too familiar on the way the folks on SL communicate.

  1. Recent changes log all the changes to SL pages within the last couple of days. What we SL folks normally do is to track recent changes. The recent changes traffic is usually not too great.
  2. Discussion pages on SL has the same function as Talk pages on Wikipedia. However, there is no notification system here.
  3. When editing a page, the minor edit checkbox appears on the top of the edit page. When checked, the edit does not get logged on recent changes.
  4. All changes get logged on the full recent changes as well as the page history, so we have means to track wiki vandals.
  5. Small inconsequential changes like spelling corrections are usually not changes we SL folks want to track on the recent changes, so we appreciate it if such changes are marked as minor edit. While such edits are appreciated, not applying the minor edit check box will flood the recent changes page.
  6. For messages directed to specific people, we normally use the message board, but sometimes people will choose to leave the message on the receipient's homepage. For general discussion, we normally use the meta discussion page. I would have usually left this message on either of the above two pages, but since I do not think you are familiar with SL, I have put them here.

Arno: please use MinorEdit on changes like you've made to Saikyo or Kuwabara. Unlike in Wikipedia, RecentChanges is the prime tool for us regulars.

viciousman last edited by ProtoDeuteric on December 7, 2007 - 20:31
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