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No result (J. mushoubu, 無勝負), also known as a void or annulled game, is a rare game outcome where neither player is considered to have won; the game is not counted in official results and is replayed. Most commonly it occurs due to repeating whole board situations such as triple ko, quadruple ko, or, more rarely, eternal life. Under Japanese rules (Article 12), such a repeating position becomes a no result if the players agree. Other rulesets contain different provisions.

Although a no result game is not counted in the player's results (unlike jigo), it is still an official game, and receives, for example, its own number in a series. In a best-of-seven match with a no result game, the last game will be considered Game 8.

Occurrences in professional games

  • From the inception of the Nihon Kiin on 24th July 1924 till 30th June 2007, only 19 instances of no result were recorded among the 168,813 games played by the professionals, averaging about 1 no result game every 9000 played.[1]

[1] Translated from an article in Weiqi Tiandi 2007.15.

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