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Ko rules restrict or prevent repetition.

Almost all ko rules restrict repetition by declaring some moves illegal and thereby reducing the legally still available number of moves repeating a position.

Some ko rules prevent repetition by declaring all moves illegal that would repeat a position.

All ko rules that prevent repetition also restrict it. Of the currently practically frequently applied ko rules, most restrict but do not prevent repetition.

Ko rules preventing repetition

Ko rules restricting but not preventing repetition

  • Japanese style ko rules (long cycles may occur until afterwards the players agree on a void game)
  • Korean ko rules (similar to Japanese ko rules)
  • Chinese ko rules (with respect to long cycles of 4 or more plays, similar to Japanese ko rules)
  • Ing Ko Rules (in disturbing kos, a cycle may be completed and recreate a position; only afterwards a prohibition applies)
  • Long Cycle Rules

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