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Japanese Big Question Mark 3

IlyaM: My coworker who knows thay I play go gave me a Japanese book which contains go problems. He doesn't play go but he was trying to learn Japanese several years ago and this is why he bought the book in a used books store at that time. As he gave up with Japanese he forgot most of it so he cannot translate neither the name of the book nor the author(s) names. I don't know Japanese too unfortunately but I'm curious about the book name and author(s).

The book has ISBN 4-381-00109-5 on its cover. Google search leads to [ext] this page. I tried to use Babelfish on the page but the resulting translation doesn't make much sense to me. Can anybody please translate the book name and author name(s)?

Niklaus: I don't speak Japanese, just Chinese. But I still could find the author's name, which is Honda Kunihisa. As for the title, I could not figure out the first 4 characters due to them being overly japanese, but the rest says Introduction to go, mid-level volume, new edition. (probably a series of 3)

楽しい詰碁入門 (中級編) A Fun Introduction to Tsumego (middle kyu volume - there is also a beginner kyu volume on Amazon.co.jp)
マン・ツー・マン・ブックス Man to Man Books (the name of a series of Go books)
本田 邦久 (著) Honda Kunihisa (the author) --Dave

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