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I own a book by Takemiya entitled "Nani ga nan demo san ren sei," which would seem to render as "Nothing but the san ren sei;" but that sounds a little stilted to me. The book is a collection of next-move problems from san ren sei positions. I want to mention it briefly in the course of reviewing other books. Can any expert suggest a more natural sounding English rendition which doesn't do violence to the original? "San ren sei, of course" comes to mind as something which might convey the same idea; but is that fair to the Japanese words? Or is it possible that the title means something like "Nothing included here except san ren sei problems"?



anonymous: Could it be "No matter what, san ren sei"?

Bill: That would be my guess. In a parallel fuseki Black can always play sanrensei, no matter what White plays. (White can prevent sanrensei, but only by allowing Black to play first in three corners.)

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