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Japanese Big Question Mark 7

Chris Hayashida: Well, it looks like I might be teaching someone Go in a foreign language. My Japanese is horrible, but I'm hoping that I can get by with a good arsenal of Go terms and lots of pointing.

Well, one of the concepts I talk about when teaching in English is "reading." I was trying to think of the same verb in Japanese. Is is the verb for "to read" yomu? ishi o yomu?

I'm trying to figure out how to say "read it out" or "How far can you read?" in Japanese. What would be the counter for how many moves you can read ahead? nante?

Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Myers: "reading" is indeed yomu. However, you would be unlikely to say ishi wo yomu, any more than you would say "read the stones" in English. "Read it out" would be something like saigo made yomu or yomi-kiru (the kiru here indicating not cutting but rather doing something to the end). And yes, nante would be right for counting how many moves ahead someone is reading.

Bill: And doko made is fine for how far.

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