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Japanese Big Question Mark 5

Chris Hayashida: I played at a Go club on Saturday. I won the first game by resignation. I killed one of my opponent's groups. He wanted to play another game. We played faster since I didn't have that much time before my hockey game.

In the game, he ended up killing one of my groups. I didn't really count, and since I didn't have enough time for another game, I kept playing. There was a little girl that was watching, so I was talking to her in Japanese, too. I was asking questions like "Can you count?" and things like that. "Black's ahead," she replied.

Anyway, at the end of the game, I was over 20 points behind. I didn't think anything of it, thanked him for the game, and left. When I was driving to my hockey game in my car, I started to realize that he was grumbling... "No good moves left." "I have two eyes, right?" and so on.

When I read out the kill on his group, I was a little upset that we played a good ten or twenty moves before he gave up on it. (I was also happy that I was able to read that far ahead when deciding to kill.) Since he played anyway, I didn't think much about playing out the game when my group died.

Anyway, in hindsight, I think I might have upset him. So the question is, how do you apologize in Japanese?

I came up with:

mae, boku no chuoshi mo ii to omou kedo boku wa mada utte imashita. warukatta desu. sumimasen.


I look Japanese, and I speak a little, so I think I need to be more careful. People automatically assume that I know how to be polite, and I think I'm not as polite as I should be, but mostly on accident.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill: 先日は失礼しました。

Senjitsu wa shitsuree shimashita.

That's polite and sufficient, I think. No need to go into detail.

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