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Japanese Big Question Mark 10

Hicham: I prefer to play with Chinese rules on KGS, because I find them more logical. But most people ignore the ruleset and so I always remind people in yose that we are playing with Chinese rules, so they dont forget to play the dame. I also offer them to undo when they pass too soon.

But Japanese people often don't get it, for two reasons:

  1. They don't speak any English.
  2. Even if they do, they cannot get the idea that dame can be worth points.

Yesterday I won a game by 3.5 points, while I should have lost it by 0.5 This didn't feel right, but hey, I couldn't just pass when there are points left can I?

So help me help my opponents understand. What should I tell them in Japanese so that they will understand and not lose points in a dumb way?

Chris Hayashida: I thought someone else would answer, so I didn't type anything. Since they didn't, I thought I'd add an attempt, and let someone else correct it.

How about:

Chugoku no rules dakara, pass shinai de kudasai. dame wa hitotsu ichimoku desuyo.


Because we are using Chinese rules, please don't pass. Each dame is worth one point.

I can't remember the words in Japanese for counting or think of a better sentence grammatically, but this will do to start the discussion.

Andy Pierce: it seems the easiest and most polite recourse would be to play with the Japanese rules most of your opponents are anticipating. too easy?

Chris Hayashida: I think it would be a little hard to switch mid-game, though. I came up with another one:

Chugoku no seichi dakara...


seichi is the word for "counting," I think.

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