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This is a very incomplete list of the go books I own. They were originally organized by whether or not I had read them, but I didn't like that organization so I decided to scrap it and start again.

Kyu-dan ratings are in KGS rankings, and since I am only a 2k myself, some of the higher ratings are really just guesses.

Chinese Language Go Books

  * Cho Hun-hyeon's Lectures on Go Techniques

English Language Go Books

  * 38 Basic Joseki
  * Attack and Defense
  * Basic Techniques of Go
  * Basic Tesuji? Volume 1
  * Direction of Play
  * The Endgame
  * Five Hundred and One Tesuji Problems
  * Five Hundred and One Opening Problems
  * Fujisawa Tesuji Dictionary Volumes 1, 2, and 3
  * Fundamental Principles of Go
  * In the Beginning
  * Ingenious Life and Death Puzzles Volumes 1 and 2
  * Learn to Play Go Series
  ** Volume 1 30k-20k
  ** Volume 2 25k-18k
  ** Volume 3 25k-15k
  ** Volume 4 20k-12k
  ** Volume 5 20k-12k
  * Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go I have read this book twice and I see myself reading it at least once more.  It provides a good overview of the basics with enough depth that it is a learning experience every time I read it.  Kageyama's lighthearted writing style makes it easy to study even when one isn't feeling particularly studious.  12k - 3d  ISBN: 4-906574-28-9
  * Life and Death
  * Making Good Shape
  * One Thousand and One Life and Death Problems
  * Positional Judgement
  * Reducing Territorial Frameworks
  * Sabaki
  * Strategic Concepts of Go
  * Test your Go Strength
  * Tesuji
  * Tricks in Joseki

Japanese Language Go Books

  * Segoe Tesuji Dictionary Volumes 1, 2, and 3
  ** ISBN: 4-416-70300-7
  ** ISBN: 4-416-70301-5
  ** ISBN: 4-416-70302-6

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