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Imagist: This is my solution, please let me know if there are any problems. This reminds me in some ways of an under the stones situation.

Black to play  
Throw in and squeeze  

After this there are two variations.

Variation 1: Capture  

Herman Hiddema: Have you considered W6 at a? It's an interesting variation...

Imagist: You're right! I was filling in this solution from memory and I forgot about that variation! I've added it below.

Variation 1 (continued): Nakade, create an eye, and sacrifice  

The order of B4 and B6 is unimportant. B4 or B4 at B6 both threaten a followup B6 at W5 which creates a small capturing race that catches the W1 - W3 stones. W5 is the only way to prevent this.

Variation 2: Destroy eye, expand eyespace, capture  
Variation 2: Destroy eye, expand eyespace, capture  

B2 (or B2 at W3) is a tesuji that threatens to make a second eye and also reduces the liberties of the resulting W1 - W3 - W5 group. This allows black to respond to W7 with B8.

The order of B2 and W3 is not important.

Variation 3: Correct Play? B5 at B1  

Herman Hiddema: White should play W2 (instead of a), then after B3, W4, Black lives in gote by playing B5 at white+circle. This way Black does not get an endgame capture.

Variation 3: Correct Play (continued)  

Imagist: Black to lives with only two points territory and three captured stones, and in gote. This leaves a small endgame play at a for either player.

Better play leading up to this situation.  

Imagist: Even better would be for white to connect in sente instead of trying to play nakade. :)

Variation 4  

Bill: I kind of like this one. Not that it is correct play. ;-)

Variation 4 (cont.) Seki?  

Imagist: Allowing B7 is difficult to justify, but if white is strong in the area the points gained by creating a seki might make up for it.

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