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  • Characters in Hikaru No Go
    • Favourite Character In Hikaru No Go
    • Hikaru No Go/Gorgeous Characters Guide
    • Hikaru Shindo (進藤 ヒカル Shindō Hikaru) - Protagonist who is assisted by Sai and later becomes a very powerfull go player due to sai's teachings surprising the entire go comunity with his seemingly impossibly fast improvement rate scaring/intriguing many of the high ranking players. also the only person who can see and interact with sai.
    • Fujiwara-no-Sai (藤原佐為) - A spirit who does not wish to stop playing Go and the mentor of Hikaru Shindo. Sai wants to play the divine move (a.k.a. the Hand of God). In the manga and anime, Sai had possessed the real-life figure Hon'inbo Shusaku and through his body, became the world`s best go player of all time. Extremely effeminate by today's standards, Sai is often drawn with traditionally feminine features and mannerisms, and many fans sometimes mistakenly call him a "she" in passing only to correct themselves after realizing their mistake.
    • Akira Toya (塔矢 アキラ Tōya Akira) - Hikaru's biggest rival and Kaio Middle School student. Akira is already a very strong player when Hikaru first begins playing. Akira is amazed by Hikaru's seemingly impossible strength. Since his first game with Hikaru, Akira has been obsessed with discovering the secret behind Hikaru's strength.
    • Akari Fujisaki (藤崎 あかり Fujisaki Akari) - Hikaru's childhood friend. She begins to learn Go as well when Hikaru becomes interested and later joins the Haze Middle School Go club, serving as captain of the girls' team.
    • Yuki Mitani (三谷 祐輝 Mitani Yūki) - A player at the Go Club at Haze Middle School who overcomes his cheating habit.
    • Tetsuo Kaga (加賀 鉄男 Kaga Tetsuo) - President of Haze Middle School's Shogi club. Tetsuo hates Go because he likes Shogi better and because Akira is better than he is, yet he still plays Go from time to time to keep his skills limber. Tetsuo smokes cigarettes, which were kept in the earlier U.S. Shonen Jump versions of Hikaru no Go, but were removed from the U.S. graphic novels and the later (as of 2005) Shonen Jump versions.
    • Kimihiro Tsutsui (筒井 公宏 Tsutsui Kimihiro) - Optimistic nerd who relies on a strategy book. Kimihiro is the founder of Haze Middle School's Go club. More of a strategist than a real player, Kimihiro prefers the intellectual pursuits of Go more than its nature as a game.
    • Toya Meijin (塔矢 名人 Tōya Meijin) - Akira Toya's father. His real name is Koyo Toya (塔矢 行洋 Tōya Kōyō); Meijin is a title he received for defeating the best Go players in Japan.
    • Yoshitaka Waya (和谷 義高 Waya Yoshitaka) - Hikaru's "big brother" insei.
    • Shinichiro Isumi (伊角 慎一郎 Isumi Shin'ichirō) - Insei that has a lot of self doubt during the Go professional examination.
    • Kosuke Ochi (越智 康介 Ochi Kōsuke) - Spoiled brat that Akira tutors so Akira can test Hikaru's strength.
    • Kaoru Kishimoto (岸本 薫 Kishimoto Kaoru) - Kaio Middle School Go club chief and former insei who did not become a professional. Kishimoto reads the opponent's habits and weaknesses and attack them directly. His way of speaking and carrying himself do not resemble those of a 9th grader. As an insei, he was known more for drinking black coffee than his Go ability. Kishimoto likes to drink black coffee as he did when he was an insei. Kishimoto's name is similar to the name of a real life Go player named Iwamoto Kaoru (岩本 薫 Iwamoto Kaoru).
    • Kuwabara Hon'inbo (桑原本因坊 Kuwabara Hon'inbō) - The current holder of the Hon'inbo title in Hikaru no Go. Kuwabara is friends with Toya Meijin.
    • Seiji Ogata
    • Le Ping

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