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The Hikaru No Go anime is available on DVD from [ext] http://www.viz.com/

At the moment it consists of the following volumes: Ps they are in NTCS Region 1 (Bermuda, Canada, USA, Us territories ) format

  • DVD Volume 1: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Go Master's Descent [ext] Amazon, released 2005-12-27
  • DVD Volume 2: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Go Club's Strategem [ext] Amazon, released 2006-03-28
  • DVD Volume 3: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Third Player [ext] Amazon, released 2006-06-27
  • DVD Volume 4: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: Ghost in the Net [ext] Amazon, released 2006-09-26
  • DVD Volume 5: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Rival in the Shadows [ext] Amazon, released 2006-11-28
  • DVD Volume 6: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: Among Champions [ext] Amazon, released 2007-01-27
  • DVD Volume 7: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Young Lions Tournament [ext] Amazon, released 2007-03-27
  • DVD Volume 8: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Awful Opponent [ext] Amazon, released May 29, 2007
  • DVD Volume 9: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: Only One Can Win, [ext] Amazon, released July 31, 2007
  • DVD Volume 10: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: The Pro Exam Begins, [ext] Amazon, released September 25, 2007
  • DVD Volume 11: Shonen Jump's Hikaru no Go: Hikaru vs Oshi, [ext] Amazon, released ??? 2007

English Version of Hikaru no Go DVD Vol 1 came out December 27, 2005.

Rumor is that [ext] Samuel Vincent is the voice actor for Hikaru Shindo.

No information is available on the Viz website yet.

yellowking: From Anthony Jiwa of Viz, ''"The first volume of Hikaru No Go will be in stores on 12.27.2005. Each volume will contain 4 episodes at $24.98, with both English and Japanese language tracks. At the current time, new volumes will come out once a quarter. It will be availble for pre-order on store.viz.com by November."''

:The DVDs are available on Amazon and Yellow Mountain Imports in NTSC Region 1 format.

According to [ext] this thread on rec.games.go Viz media canceled DVD 12 and discontinued DVD releases. More information from Viz is summarized at: [ext] http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-07/viz-responds-to-questions-about-mar-hikaru-no-go-dvds/2

Basically, there is no firm commitment at this point to any additional DVDs, either as a set, or as single disks. Hopefully, Viz Media will change their minds and at least issue a complete box set. As of March 2008, however, Toonami Jetstream (Cartoon Network's online anime / cartoon property) is continuing to air Hikaru No Go; the latest episode is #52 ("Hikaru versus Akira"). This episode is well past what would have been on volume 12 (4 episodes per disk, and volume 11 hosted episodes 41-45). So there is hope...

[ext] Netflix, the DVD rental service that delivers via the United States Postal Service, carries Hikaru no Go [ext] DVDs

[ext] Hulu online streams the entire set of anime and it is free.

Hikaru no Go was released (in Japan) on DVD in March 2002. Each DVD has 3 episodes. It is a Region 2 DVD. I don't know if they will have English Subtitles. It's also available on VHS. See: [ext] http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/Listups/anime/hikaru-no-go.html

Reviews of the first three dvds here: [ext] http://www.abcb.com/hikaru/index.htm

Apparently Different DVD release (Region Free, with English Subtitles): (I'm a little unsure of the episodes per DVD)

[ext] http://www.seikaianime.com/F-J.html Or visit ebay.com and type "Hikaru DVD" in the search box.

NOTE2: The second set of DVDs ARE bootlegs. The translation quality of them is horrible, as is the casing. Numerous spelling errors are found throughout, as well as translation mishaps. As with most bootlegs, the DVDs are recorded off of analog VHS tape, therefore, the quality sux, as well as the audio. If you must buy them, get them off of [ext] http://www.ebay.com. --Hignaki

Note: The second set of DVDs (the "Region-Free" releases) are almost certainly bootlegs produced and distributed illegally; as such the creators of the series will receive nothing from their sale. They will also likely not be up to commercial standards of quality with respect to translation and image quality. Sadly, these releases are quite common for anime titles, and can be quite difficult to spot. -- steve

While it is true that some bootlegs are hard to recognise, as a general rule anything that is region 0 (regionless) is a bootleg.

ilan: You can get the French subtitled version [ext] here.

Update 2013 : Viz now adverts that you can download to own the Hiraku no Go serie [ext] http://www.viz.com/anime/dto/hikaru-no-go

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