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This page lists where you can find the Hikaru no Go comic books and what is in them.

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Hikaru no Go is published in The People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Chinese.

In The People's Republic of China, the manga is officially titled 棋魂光之棋 (Q Hn, Guāng Zhī Q, Go Player Spirit, Light of Go) and published by 天津人民美术出版社 (Tianjin People's Art Publications). Each volume corresponds to the original Japanese imprints. The manga is also published unofficially under the title 棋魂 (Q Hn, Go Player Spirit) and subtitle 围棋王光仔 (Wiq wng guāng zǐ, Shining prince of Go) by 经典漫画 (jīngdiǎn mnhu Classic Comics), an imprint of 远方出版社, in a 3 volume boxed set along with a VCD. Each page of the unofficial publication shows four pages of the original manga. (ISBNs: 80595-863-8, 80595-864-6, 80595-865-4; publication date 1 October 2003)

The Hong Kong volumes, which are also in Traditional Chinese, are sold under the title 棋魂 (Q Hn, Go Player Spirit). Citicomics publishes the manga in Hong Kong.

The Singaporean volumes, which are in Simplified Chinese, are sold under the title 棋灵王 (Hanyu Pinyin: Q Lng Wng, Go Player Spirit King). The comics are published by [ext] Chuang Yi.

The Taiwanese volumes, which are in Traditional Chinese, are sold under the title 棋靈王 (Hanyu Pinyin: Q Lng Wng, Go Player Spirit King). Daran Comics publishes Volumes 1-21, while Tong Li publishes Volumes 22-23.


Hikaru no Go has been licensed in English by [ext] VIZ Media and the manga chapters were being released both in the Shonen Jump monthly magazine and as graphic novels. Both the graphic novels and the magazines are available in the United States and Canada. In addition, United Kingdom residents may buy Hikaru no Go volumes from [ext] Amazon.co.uk [ext] 1

The graphic novels are available at [ext] Shonen Jump, [ext] Yellow Mountain Imports and [ext] Amazon. The comics are translated by Andy Nakatani and edited by Livia Ching. The books are rated "A" (for all ages) by VIZ Media. The English editions have a few minor edits that erase the cigarette of an underage character.

  • Volume 1, Descent of the Go Master, Game 1 through 7, Summer 2004, ISBN: 1-59116-222-X.
  • Volume 2, First Battle, Game 8 through 16, September 2004, ISBN: 1-59116-496-6.
  • Volume 3, Preliminary Scrimmage, Game 17 through 25, February 2005, ISBN: 1-59116-687-X.
  • Volume 4, Divine Illusions, Game 26 through 34, June 2005, ISBN: 1-59116-688-8.
  • Volume 5, Start, Game 35 through 43, October 2005, ISBN: 1-59116-689-6.
  • Volume 6, The Insei Exam, Game 44 through 51 plus Assassination at Hannoji Temple, February 2006, ISBN: 1-42150-275-5
  • Volume 7, The Young Lions Tournament, Game 52 through 60, July 2006, ISBN: 1-42150-641-6.
  • Volume 8, The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day 4, Game 61 through 69 plus Assassination at Hannoji Temple: Rehearsal, November 2006, ISBN: 1-4215-0642-4
  • Volume 9, The Pro Test Begins, Game 70 through 78, April 2007, ISBN: 1-4215-1066-9
  • Volume 10, Lifeline, Game 79 through 87, August 2007, ISBN: 1-4215-1067-7
  • Volume 11, Fierce Battle, Game 88 though 96, January 2008, ISBN: 1-4215-1068-5
  • Volume 12, The Shinshodan Series, Game 97 through 104, May 2008, ISBN: 1-4215-1508-3
  • Volume 13, First Professional Match, Game 105 through 113, October 2008, ISBN: 1-4215-1509-1
  • Volume 14, Sai vs. Toya Koyo, Game 114 through 121, February 2009, ISBN: 1-4215-1510-5
  • Volume 15, Sayanara, Game 122 through 130, May 2009, ISBN: 1-4215-2192-X
  • Volume 16, Chinese Go Association, Game 131 through 139, August 2009, ISBN: 1-4215-2584-4
  • Volume 17, A Familiar Face, Game 140 through 148, November 2009, ISBN: 1-4215-2585-2
  • Volume 18, Six Characters, Six Stories, Game 1 through 6, February 2010, ISBN: 1-4215-2823-1
  • Volume 19, One Step Forward!, Game 149 through 156, May 2010, ISBN: 1-4215-2824-X
  • Volume 20, The Young Lions, August 2010, ISBN: 1-4215-2825-8
  • Volume 21, Great Expectations, November 2010, ISBN: 1-4215-2826-6
  • Volume 22, China vs Japan, January 2011, ISBN: 1-4215-2827-4
  • Volume 23, Korea vs Japan, May 2011, ISBN: 1-4215-2828-2

For more information (game/chapter titles) see Hikaru No Go /media release information

Volume 23 is the last of the serie. Stop reading Hikaru no Go and start playing. ;-)


The manga has been licenced in France by [ext] Tonkam - no more downloads ! You can find some info in French [ext] here.



The manga has been licensed in Germany by [ext] Carlsen Comics. Hikaru no Go was serialized in the German-language manga magazine BANZAI!


  • tderz: Volumes 1-8 + (Aug. 2006)


Hikaru no Go is published by [ext] Elex Media Komputindo under the title Hikaru's Go.


Hikaru no Go has been licensed in Italian by [ext] Panini Comics.

The first (and, until now, only) issue appeared in November, 2005.


The manga, made by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata and supervised by Umezawa Yukari, is published by [ext] Shueisha's [ext] Jump Comics division. The comic was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.


The manga is published by [ext] Daiwon.


Hikaru no Go is published in Thailand in Thai by NationGroup?.

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