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No Smoking?

nodog: Rar! The English edition has been "fixed" for an American audience. Kaga isn't shown with a cigarette when we meet him in Chapter 7 now. I guess someone thought a teenager can't be shown as a smoker. Rar!

MrShin: BTW, you can see the cigarette in the beginning of the second volume. ^_^ You can see the smoke and everything. Guess the censors got lazy.

ZeroKun: I think that was actually in the japanese version too, but I'm unsure since I haven't read it in quite awhile.

Chris Hayashida: Nope, in the manga he definitely stubbed out a cigarette on the goban. In the anime, however, it's only bubblegum. So maybe influencing minors is something that they started worrying about in Japan, too.

Looking for the Japanese version

Daps: I'm looking for the japanese version of the last chapters, because I want to see how a sentence is written (it's what hikaru says to akira, a spoiler, so I won't say it here) so if anyone knows where can I get the chapter, or if anyone knows how it's written, please send me an e-mail: kralizec@gmail.com

Is that all?

Does anybody know if there is nore hikaru no go that is going to be published?

MrShin: Supposedly, there are only 23 volumes(Which I have :-p). I have not heard anything about any more than that.

Can someone explain the ending of Hikaru no go. it leaves a lot of quesitons unanswered. All and all it's an unsatisfying wrap to the series. What do you think?

Velobici: Oh! At the end, Hikaru has become a professional go player, has learned to play go without his mentor (Sai), has earned the respect of his colleagues in Japan and Korea (China as well?), has come to realize that excellence is a life long pursuit, and has not just reconciled to his situation but rather embraced it as a worthwhile endeavor to which he will devote himself. What more is needed?

Perhaps ending with a waking dream sequence in which Obiwan, Yoda and Anakin appear surrounded by a halo of softly glowing light would be more satisfying? :)

SOMEONE: who was the person at the end where it said "Can you hear me" "My voice" "Can you hear me?"

someone: Well the ending is unsatisfying because not only does he lose the game but there is no ending, just Akira saying, lets go. What kind of ending was that? I didnt expect the Star Wars thing but I think at least in the end, he should see Sai in the blinding light and have a final match with him. That would have been more satisfying and more of an ending then just Hikaru losing the game against Korea and thats just it. Nothing happened in the end and I'm seriously disappointed by it. The whole manga was good but the ending was soo unfullfilling that you think they cut something out. And all that you have said about realizing that "its a worthwhile endeavor to which he'll devote himself" is great and everything but the ending doesnt tell you that. You made that up and as much as the ending suggests that, it leaves readers greatly unsatisfied and so, there should be a better ending. Maybe the star wars way is the way to go, only with Sai instead of Yoda and Anakin.

Blake: Since the manga and anime are both licensed in the United States now, any links to translated English versions of the manga (or fansubbed versions of the anime) are definitely illegal in the U.S. I think links, etc., should therefore be removed from sensei's Library. Thoughts?

MrShin: Tough call on legality. First of all, just because the manga (not the anime as far as I know) is licensed in the US, doesn't mean that people in english-speaking countries that don't have it licensed should suffer. I perosnally believe that it's ok if you buy the series as it's released. Let's be honest; it's taking forever. I wanted to know how it ended, so I got my hands on all the manga and the anime. In fact, I still keep it stored on my drive. BUT... I buy the manga as it is released; the files turn into a "backup" if you will. I fully intend on buy the anime if it ever gets released. As for SL, until HnG is released worldwide, links should be kept. We want to spread go, right? That's just my view. Take it as you want.

Malweth: Nothing on the discussion, but the 1st DVD comes out in September in the USA. For limited info, see HikaruNoGoDVD.

MrShin: Yeah! DVDs have better quality anyways!

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