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Moves 130-  

HolIgor: Moves from B1 to W4 are understandable at least, though it is difficult to say if they were the best.

HolIgor: B5 - B7 is an interesting maneuver. As I understand the purpose is to get a sente connection of two groups. Black can connect in gote but then white gets a big move in the middle.

unkx80: B5 and B7 is a rather common endgame tesuji, but playing it out in an actual game is not so easy. I think I had a similar problem in, but I don't think we have it in SL. I shall write something on this in Endgame Tesuji 3.

HolIgor: W8. Yi Ch'ang-ho does not like to reply. He plays what he himself considers to be sente.

HolIgor: B9 is sente, W10 defends. As people say, you know you have been forced when not replying makes the previous move meaningless.

Moves 141-150  

HolIgor: B1 is a good solid move. Yet, this has to be understood. Black always has a ko option to survive so is not this a little bit slow?

Charles B1 is a thick move. One can say that it keeps a number of cutting points 'open' for Black, for example. Also, settling this group is natural if Black is going to allow the lower left group to become weakened.

HolIgor: W2. White has decided to give up some points in the corner and run to connect with the other group. There is a curious moment here. Black wall is without eyes, so white can do some chasing and get some stones on the board for free.

HolIgor: B5 is a thick move again. Black is very much concerned with the life of this group and wants to keep some potential in the center.

HolIgor: W6 through W10, it seems that the white stones flow naturally. There is some thinness in white's shape, yet it is not easy to exploit.

Yose next.

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