Gokyo Shumyo Tsumego Series

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These problems are targeted towards low-kyu and dan players, taken from the Japanese classic Gokyo Shumyo. Please note that some problems have more than one solution, because there were no defined tsumego conventions at the time. The problems are divided into seven sections:

The Problems





Note: The problems in this section actually refer to capturing races.

Chasing & Capturing

Connect Underneath

Wedge, Play Inside, Connect, Cut, Ladder

  • ... 58 problems, or maybe 46 problems, depending on who you ask (some collections are numbered up to 58, but only contain 46 problems)

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What happened before

In 1996, the Gent club was visited by a large group of citizens of Kanazawa. On this occasion, I received a very nice gift from one of the visitors who happened to be my opponent in the game event we organized: Hashimoto Utaro's version of the Gokyo Shumyo, a collection of more than 500 tsumego. The book was published by Sankaido (now defunct) in 1980.

The idea

To post the main line given in the book, variations on the correct solution, and a list of plausible moves which nevertheless fail, all of which you are of course encouraged to comment and improve.

As of May 2003, I decided to radically change my treatment of this series. The book by Hashimoto Utaro will be used as a reference guide, no longer as the determining source for solutions. In particular, the main line will from now on be the one that we deshis came up with as giving the most resistance by both players. This way I will do more honour to the efforts done here while better avoiding the copyright issues that may arise.

Have fun !


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